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Who should start vs who will start for the Houston Rockets

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Houston Rockets, Kevin Porter Jr
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Houston Rockets starting Point Guard 

Who will start: Kevin Porter Jr

The Rockets are committed, at least for this season, to the Kevin Porter Jr point guard experiment. There’s a lot to like about Porter’s game but there’s also a lot of work to be done before he’ll be an above-average player. 

Porter can beat defenders off the dribble and is good at finishing at the rim. However, every other aspect of his game needs to improve. His jump shot is streaky, his defense poor, and his passing is a work in progress. 

The Rockets are wise to give Porter a chance to prove that he’s an NBA quality point guard. Getting to the rim and finishing is the most valuable skill a player can have and makes everything else on offense easier. It opens up passing lanes and gives a player space to get off a jumper. 

Porter’s development could speed up the franchise’s timeline for contention and Stephen Silas is right to give him every chance to reach his ceiling.

Who should start: John Wall

The best point guard on the Rockets is John Wall. He’s the highest-paid player on the team and will likely opt-in for one more season under his current deal. If the Rockets weren’t focused on the future, John Wall would be the starter. Would he still be overpaid? And are his best days behind him? Yes and yes. However, Wall is still an average point guard. 

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The Rockets are making the right decision to sit Wall to let their younger players get the reps needed to develop. Wall won’t make them a playoff team and being good in 2025 is far more important than winning a few extra games in 2021 and 2022. All of this is to say, John Wall is still an NBA quality point guard.