Why Jalen Green's slump is actually a breakout

N.B. Lindberg
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
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As the Houston Rockets enter year two of their intended rebuild, victories on the court have been hard to come by. Instead of getting hung up on the standings, fans can take solace in the development of their young core. 

Kevin Porter Jr. has continued to improve as a scorer, Alperen Sengun is already an above-average offensive center, Usman Garuba hung with Steph Curry on the perimeter, Kenyon Martin Jr. is the Baba Yaga of dunks, and Jalen Green is averaging 21 points per game. 

However, the efficiency at which Green is reaching those 21 points has drawn some criticism, as he is shooting below league average on 3-pointers and 2-pointers. Nitpicking a 20-year-old scoring guard over efficiency is Skip Bayless levels of hating, but Green has had a very up-and-down season.  

Jalen Green’s up-and-down efficiency

Over the first four games, he had an effective field goal percentage (eFG%) of 54.6% (league average is 53.6%), then over his next four it was 30.4%, then the next six he exploded with an eFG% of 64.4%, and over the past three, it has slumped to 30%. 

The difference between this most recent slump, and his first slump, is that Green has risen his floor tremendously. In other words, he’s taking the next step in becoming a game-wrecking offensive force.