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Why the Kevin Porter Jr. extension is a massive win for the Houston Rockets 

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Why the Rockets won the Kevin Porter Jr. extension

The unfortunate reality is that when a team wins a deal, the player losses. This is an NFL contract that somehow made its way into the NBA. The Rockets took on next to no risk and could reap serious upside. Another reason why this deal is so valuable for the Rockets is the contract’s trade value. 

Porter’s non-guaranteed cap hits could count towards outgoing salary in a massive trade, and the receiving team could simply cut him after the deal is completed. Porter might believe that he will play well enough to be worth $82 million over four years, but this contract is just so one-sided it is beyond belief. 

Earlier in the offseason, I wrote about what I thought a fair extension for Porter would look like. Based on previous extensions of similar players, I concluded an extension between $11 million and $14 million over three or four years would be a fair deal. If I did the exercise again, those figures would likely tick up, but all of the years would be guaranteed. Three-years, $33 million is still more than double the guaranteed money Porter got, and it would see him hit free agency a year earlier. 

The Rockets clearly didn’t want to extend Porter, but Porter clearly wanted an extension. The end result is one of the most team-friendly contracts in the NBA. The Rockets won, and Kevin Porter Jr. lost. While fans may be celebrating the deal today, there’s a real chance that this deal sours their relationship. Hopefully, Porter plays exactly like a $20 to $24 million player. Because outside of that, there’s going to be some hurt feelings, and they’re only going to be Porter’s. 

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