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NBA Trade Rumors: Will Jeremy Lin And Omer Asik Be Traded By Next Season?

According to Sam Smith of, the Houston Rockets would be willing to deal Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik before next season begins.

“But the Houston Rockets could be the real threat. They have a young star in James Harden and the possibilities of putting together a fearsome team.

They have quietly been sending out signals around the NBA they’d trade Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin, both of whom have enhanced their value since being lured last summer as free agents and were in the grand plan of GM Daryl Morey possibility to be used — as seemingly all his players are — as targets to be able to upgrade.

Imagine Houston with Harden is able to sign Howard. Then maybe they work a deal to move Lin to the Jazz, who need a point guard, for maybe someone like Al Jefferson. And Asik as one of the league’s leading rebounders would certainly net a perimeter shooting threat. It’s a potentially attractive package to present to Howard that the Lakers probably cannot match.

And that would be if the Lakers could persuade Bryant to take a back seat Howard. Anyone giving odds on that one?”

Let me start off by saying Sam Smith has been known for coming off with some off-the-wall rumors that never make sense. These quotes were pulled from a post he did about the Lakers trading Kobe Bryant, which will happen when hell freezes over.

With that being said, this doesn’t seem that unrealistic. The fact is that Lin and Asik were not the Rockets 1st, 2nd or 3rd options. They were the guys Daryl Morey and Houston went after in desperation and hoped they would pan out. Omer Asik has lived up to the hype while Lin has shown flashes of his potential.

Lin is a fan favorite not just in Houston, but all around the world. Most of his fans are not actual fans of the Rockets, they just followed Lin there. His popularity may not be as high as it was in New York but he was 2nd behind Chris Paul in All-Star voting for point guards.

The Rockets could definitely upgrade over Lin, but it’s not just Lin’s fault. James Harden dominates the ball with his playmaking abilities. The Rockets would be best served with a guy who can distribute the ball and knock down long range shots with ease. Lin is also a guy who needs to dominate the ball to be effective. As long as Harden is here Lin will never live up to his full potential. Even if a trade doesn’t happen before next season it will only be a matter of time in my opinion, unless Lin upgrades his shooting abilities and moving without the ball.

Asik has more than just been a steal, he’s lived up to his contract by being one of the most improved players this season. He hasn’t even finished a full season as a starter and he’s already one of the best centers in the league. His offense still needs to be worked on some but his defense is among the elite. With that being said, it’s almost too much to ask of him to be something similar to Dwight Howard, who the Rockets have been in love with the past couple of seasons.

Dwight has had a very disappointing season so far but is still the best center in the league. His talent, athleticism and strength are unmatched at his position. As much as I love Asik’s game, if the Rockets have the opportunity to steal Howard and he’s willing to sign with Houston long-term than they will be forced to pull the trigger.

The Rockets are definitely more focused on what’s happening right now as Houston is fighting for a playoff spot. But once this season is over Daryl Morey will go back to figuring out ways to improve this team.

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  • Denzel Boksingero

    Would be a good thing especially for Lin. Asik is playing the Center role he was hired to play. Lin is not excelling as an NBA player in Houston Rockets because most of the time he is not given the opportunity to play the PG role. Imagine the disaster if Asik, hired to play center, is asked to play a PG role and Lin, hired to play as PG, is asked to play the Center. This is a ridiculous example that match the ridiculous role of Lin as a spot-up shooter SG in the Rockets system.

    Anyway before you push for your advocacy to ease out Lin from the Rockets, consider the fact is not doing that bad in practically his first season as a starter (remember he was just a bench in New York Knicks elevated as a starter because of the Linsanity phenomenon). I believe Lin is doing OK so far despite the fact he is not being allowed enough chance to play his Linsanity-level PG role. His performance could have been much better if the Rockets allow him to maximize his strength in assisting and playmaking. Check stats below:

    Total minutes played:
    James Harden at No. 3 out of 503 NBA players
    Chandler Parsons at No. 9/503
    Jeremy Lin at 36/503
    Omer Asik at 56/503

    Total points scored
    James Harden at No. 3 out of 503 NBA players
    Chandler Parsons at No. 40/503
    Jeremy at No. 61/503 (Not in the Top 50, but check this: The league’s top PG is at No. 57/503 and elite PG Goran Dragic at No. 54/503)
    Omer Asik at No. 99/503

    Asik is No. 1 in the NBA
    Parsons (62), Harden (83), Lin (149)

    Lin (15/503), Harden (18/503), Parsons (51/503)

    Harden (5/503), Lin (7/503),

    No. of TOs
    Harden (2/503), Lin (9/503), Asik (38/503), Parsons (45/503)

    • Kyle Adams

      All great points and i definitely see where you’re coming from. Thank you for reading.

  • Wells Amy

    so be it… Let Lin go to a better place. Who cares if Rockets keeps him or not? We enjoy Jeremy’s performance. It is an art of work! Not just muscles!

    • Kyle Adams

      You do know you’re on a Rockets site right? lol. Thanks for reading.

      • Wells Amy

        Of course I know it.. That is why I posted my comment hoping to wake up some haters.. haha.. but, again, I honestly think business is business. Rockets will get rid of JL if he isn’t ‘useful’ to Rockets any more…. but keeping someone dormant isn’t really making sense.

  • gigi G

    If Rockets didn’t care about Lin, why do Lin and Lin’s fans care about Rockets?

    Good business should benefit each other. Lin’s basketball talent are totally wasted now.

    Lin could survive better anywhere else as a point guard. And fans love to see him run points as a PG, not a flag pole at the corner every game to let others blame him not to score.

    • Kyle Adams

      I think his role would increase for other teams. It’s hard for a point guard with his skills play next to an elite shooting guard. Thanks for reading.

      • funnyboy911

        dude just keep writing about lin, this site will blow up.

  • jaguri

    Trade lin asap, i love watching him any team where he played and play in the future.

    • Kyle Adams

      Thanks for reading.

  • lingan

    I follow Rockets because of Lin. Who cares Harden and Rockets without Lin who makes the team enjoyable. Let Lin go!

    • funnyboy911

      yeah we all know you are a bandwagoner and a cockrider. No need to tell us you are nothing more then a LOF.

  • KChen

    fun reading this…but dont say nothing…just stop writing about the rumors for the click-ons..who knows the future..

    • محمد علي

      im very happy with all my heart if lin leave from houston rocket for this fucking coach and harden selfish…even harden make 70 points in every game as long as he become a selfish role..nobody like of now i stop watching nba game as long as jeremy lin still in houston rocket,its better to sleep….only jeremy lin very fun to watch…

  • yoeddy

    Is there any credibility behind Sam Smith’s claim? I would be stunned if the Rockets were already deciding to pull the plug on Asik or Lin.

  • gigi G

    Should Lin go to Pacers? lol. Otherwise, D. Stern’s plan for next preseason is meaningless.

    P.S. Rox and Pacers will play at Taiwan and Philippines 2013-2014 preseason.

  • William

    How are the real odds of the rockets landing Dwight? I remembered Howard did not want to come to houston in the first place. Kobe also toyed around with retirement next year. If it does come to fruition then the lakers might try to resign Howard because they will still want a franchise player to build around. There might be a greater chance for the rockets to sign Bynum and trade asik to the 76ers. And just in case, both are drama queens Bynum and howard

  • autoprt

    don’t know why everyone is so big on howard. he is damaged goods never will be as good as he once was and same with bynum. they’re better off with asik who i feel the offense will eventually click for him.

  • Chris Austen

    I don’t Houston will trade Asik or Lin so soon, especially Lin. If Lin’s game does not pick up, then Houston might trade him in 2014, but definitely not this year. Unlike other Lin fans, I don’t particularly want to see Lin get traded, partially because I think some stability is good for his development.

  • yoeddy

    IMHO, a team that wants to feature a star SG like Harden would make a terrible mistake putting a high-scoring PG together with him. Doing that would create all sorts of chemistry issues. Lin is actually a good match with Harden, because Lin is willing to give Harden the ball and be a supporting player rather than the main player. OKC is an exception, not the norm…star SGs like MJ, Kobe, et al have won their championships with solid/not-spectacular PGs who are more interested in facilitating rather than scoring. Does Lin need to improve? Yes…needs a more consistent shot and some improvement on defense. But I think the only way they trade him is in a package deal to acquire a star PF…

  • yoeddy

    In terms of Asik, he is the only interior defender on the team, and he is excellent at it. No way they give him up unless they can get a defensive center who also has a good mid-range shot…but who is going to be willing to trade that for a guy like Asik? Again, the only way they trade Asik is in a package that would bring a stud PF…as a C, Asik has been great…

  • 劉國松

    Harden is a selfish player that he just want a better data at score/reb/asst/steal and don’t care about D.You can just watch his games on D that he always try to steal and often let the man he defend so easy to pass. He also just want the ball on his hand to let him play his customed iso game. When Lin make a penetration,Harden never step into the paint and just stand still to wait for the ball. That is why if Lin played real PG,Harden hard to have good data and McHale let Lin play stand-up shooter SG most of the time.

    • funnyboy911

      nerdy lil B!tch, learn how to watch the game. Harden is the number 1 option and he got pay to do that. Lin is not even a third option in this team. He is a nobody. He is overrated. I like Lin but a nerdy loser like you attacking harden and everyone in this team will piss people off.

  • Nathan C

    While a Lin trade might be better for Lin’s career, I don’t see it happening. The Rockets love the ability to exploit Lin’s popularity to the Asian market. Plus, he is a much harder sell to other GM’s than Asik. Teams are expected to roll the dice when acquiring big centers. But if Lin flames out, the GM risks losing his job if he gave up too much. And, unlike Asik, Lin’s contract is probably viewed no more than fair, and in some eyes overpaid, from this season’s production.

    And Morey isn’t going to trade Lin for a box of cookies. He already caught enough grief from the owner the last time he let Lin go. Morey won’t take the personal risk that whomever he acquires busts out and Lin blows up in an offense designed to showcase his skills.

    Instead, the biggest trade bait I see for Houston are Robinson and Parsons. Depending on how Robinson performs for the rest of the season and in the playoffs, Robinson could go back to a 5th overall pick with tremendous upside instead of a semi-bust. Plus, Parsons’ cheap contract could lead to a trade for a more expensive veteran to get that final win-now piece from a team that wants to get younger but is bumping up against its cap. I know Houston fans love those two guys but Morey tends to trade players at their heights for undervalued players his coaching staff can turn around.

    Plus, Morey’s decision to trade all of the veteran PFs and thus forcing McHale to give big minutes to the rookies D-Mo and T-Rob (which he, like most coaches, would never voluntarily do) indicates that Morey is looking at them as possible flips in the off-season.

    Morey has proven to be one of the most cold-blooded and savvy GMs in the NBA. No one, other than Harden, can be guaranteed a spot on the Rockets roster next year.

    But trades require both sides to see that they are getting a good deal. So suggestions are a team should trade X meh player for Y star are nice fantasies but don’t happen in the NBA. Unless you are trading with the Kings.

  • juandelacruzjr

    It’s just a matter of coaching…
    Play Lin’s game when HardenLin is on the floor, Harden must learn to play that..
    Play Harden’s game when Lin is on the bench…

    This will makes Lin’s confidence to bring his game out which he already made in New York..