Nov 14, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin (7) is defended by New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) during the first quarter of a game at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets: New York Knicks Express Interest In Omer Asik, and Jeremy Lin


The trade deadline is less than a week away, which means it’s almost time for trade rumors to go away until the summer. But not before some of the rumors that have been thrown out there become true. Houston Rockets center Omer Asik has been on the trade market virtually the entire season, and according to Matt Agne of Knicks 101, the New York Knicks may emerge as a destination for Asik, if the Rockets end up deciding to deal him, as well as Jeremy Lin:


“Rockets GM Daryl Morey has asked a lot for Asik all season long. He should. He’s in a position of power with a skilled big man who is under control for another two seasons after this one is over. He also shouldn’t let Lin go cheaply. It could save Houston a lot of money to trade Asik and Lin but they’re also impact players on their roster. That’s not something you give away without compensation. 


Asik want out of Houston. He believes he’s on the verge of becoming and All-Star center and shouldn’t have to sit behind Howard or shift to power forward to play beside him. The biggest obstacle of trading him is finding a team willing to pay him the $14,898,938.


There’s little doubt that the Knicks would love to bring Asik to New York. He’s four years younger than Tyson Chandler who projects as a relatively even scorer as Chandler but a better rebounder Per-36


However, at 7’0″, 230 pounds he has a better, wider frame than Chandler with a solid lower body and a 7’2″ wingspan. Asik plays with a great motor, is a serious player with fairly nice athleticism. He finishes nicely around the rim, has a developing mid-range game and is an active defender.


Lin has played well for Houston. but his and James Harden’s skill sets work better separately so Lin has found himself coming off the bench. There’s little doubt that he’d prefer to be a starter. Clearly he’d be an upgrade to Raymond Felton. However, Lin is also scheduled to make $14,898,938 next season.”


ESPN’s David Thorpe has also suggested that the Knicks could emerge with a last minute push for Asik as they are desperately looking for frontcourt help, with Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr, and either Tyson Chandler or Raymond Felton involved, along with Lin.

Stephen A. Smith stated on his radio show on Friday morning on ESPN New York, that he heard about the possibility of this deal:


“You also want them to consider doing something with Raymond Felton. Heard some news about some potential deal involving Jeremy Lin. Can’t imagine getting Jeremy Lin to come back to New York, but with the state of affairs that exists with the New York Knicks right now, I wouldn’t be opposed to it, to be quite honest with you. Anything is help. Anything! I mean, my Lord, it’s just been bad.”


Based on Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey’s history at trade deadlines, almost anything is possible, and some type of trade for the Rockets is probably expected. Just who will be involved is the ultimate mystery until Feb. 20 hits.

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  • madsk1lls

    Wow, I’ve got mixed feelings cause I’m a lifelong rocket fan who has grown to like Lin and Asik. But, knowing Morey, nobody is safe. NY is desperate to keep melo so this helps that cause. Unless Parsons is going with a couple 1st rd picks for Melo? (Joking) Houston is winning cause shumpert is the perimeter defender, Chandler is the back up big, and hardaway jr is a back up 2 guard/ or Felton is the back up pg though Brooks is a 40% 3pt shooter that can score, but not defend so well. Rumors are rumors and in Moreys poker face we trust.

  • Hanna Park

    The Rockets are playing well together. McHale still tries to find the best mix of players on the floor. For Rockets, if Lin is traded, a question is who’s going to lead the second unit. Offensively Beverley is not a play maker or can shoot very well, but defensively he’s good. Harden played with the second unit in the last game, but the result was not good (since he’s looking for own shots more than assisting teammates. Also his defense hurts the team.). I’d wait until this season is over, and adjust the team in summer. But for the Knicks, Mello should find a way to win a game as a team, not as an individual shooting show.

    • swinglinezigzag

      Lin does not lead the second unit. He plays backup Sg off the bench. Get a clue. Jr smith can fill that role even better than lin.

      • UnbiasedShit

        are you fkin kiddin me.. lin is the playmaker even with harden or in the bench, he is a way better passer than jr smith, with better court vision, jr smith is all about shooting 3s, ill take lin who is a team player over jr smith any day.. if you want 3 pointers, get novak… who they also traded.. look at the knicks right now, they are complete trash… raymond felton sucks ass,and amare idk what the fk happened to him.. melo is the only player that is giving them wins.. when melo leaves, new york is the new bobcats…

  • Houstonrocketfan

    We are sick of the rumors.

  • Xinyuan Wang

    Anywhere is better than Houston for Lin.

  • khyberjones

    This trade would be ideal for Lin/Asik and the Knicks. The Knicks would get a major upgrade at their weakest link (PG) and suddenly have a lot of depth in the backcourt with Felton playing as a backup at the 1/2 with Prigioni and Hardaway. They would also get an equally good big man in Asik who may have some advantages over Chandler because of his size and youth. With Lin and Melo on the court at the same time, the Knicks would be difficult to guard. For the Rockets, I have some doubts. It would be challenging to integrate Chandler into the rotation because he, like Asik, has limited offensive skills and would have a hard time playing alongside Howard. Houston probably would, however, get more value out of Chandler than they have out of Asik this season. Shumpert’s role would also be an issue. Does he start alongside Harden to be the defensive stopper that Beverley simply isn’t due to lack of size and skill? Does Beverley move to the bench? Does Shumpert anchor the second unit? Also, how do they replace Lin’s ability to score by creating his own shot opportunities for himself and his teammates? With Houston currently in the top 4 in the western conference, Morey would have to conclude that they can’t win with the current roster and would like to save salary and plan for the future before making this move.

    • DJSlik

      shump > bev on the defensive end. beverley is the league’s most overrated player right now. his arm flailing and on ball pressure feeds the rocket propaganda machine into pushing him as some incredible defender when in fact his positional defense is below average (opposing PGs blow by him and score at a much higher rate than against JLin) and he gets called for hacks non stop. offensively, he is also worse than shump. shump is better than bev any day of the week–that is an upgrade for the rockets. also, chandler is a huge upgrade for the rockets over asik–not because he’s a better player than asik, but because asik won’t play for the rockets! chandler would give the rockets a solid frontcourt twin tower with D12 or he would instantly be the best backup C in the league.

      on the knicks’ side giving JLin the ball and the PG spot practically guarantees the knicks make noise in the eastern conference playoff picture. the upgrade over felton is like going from a chicken bus to flying business class (flying first class would be like getting CP3 or steph curry or a healthy westbrook or something). but make no mistake felton IS a chicken bus. that plus the homecourt buzz that would be generated if melo bought in and welcomed JLin is a recipe for Linsanity 2.0. if melo and JLin got on the same page they could kick some serious azz. Asik provides the frontcourt muscle that the knicks thought they could get on a consistent basis with tyson but tyson has seemingly aged. A MOTIVATED asik is one of the best centers in the league and paired up with melo in the frontcourt that’s not too shabby. Also, JL makes everyone better–i would expect the biggest beneficiary of JL’s team play to be bargnani. bargnani is a very talented scorer but he needs to be put in the right spots to thrive. that’s what JL does in a nutshell–he made players out of landry, novak, and jeffries.

      this trade would be beneficial for both sides and makes basketball sense.

  • Lin-biotic

    Knicks already tried getting cheaper assets when they traded Lin to Rockets. Now Rockets are again in similar situation where they find similar player to trade back Lin to New York.

    I’ll be counting 3 more years in Lin’s career and he’ll be joining 2-3 more ball clubs who needs his service before someone seriously respect his game

    Knicks might need an instant click on chemistry tandem in Lin/Asik since they played a lot together in Rockets but Knicks should consider Lin to have the ball in his hands to facilitate the play and Melo should concede in having Lin do the tricks in the paint for him to get a lot of uncontested shot for an easy spot up catch and shoot type of play


    I thought Morey already declared keeping Lin and Asik for the entire season after several failed media wide trade negotiation involving these 2 players that irked most GM’s for boasting too much about their trade pieces

    The only parties involved in this trade negotiations are the media themselves making their own story that knicks and rockets are surely not fully aware of it internally

    should there be a push for a trade involving Lin, I’m certain they are the team who silently evaluate player’s performance and overall impact on the floor should they decide to swallow that poison pill instilled by Morey. Who knows, there might be several ballclubs looking for a smart upgrade to strengthen their playoff position

    No team is in bad financial decision if the trade involves real talent like Lin. But Lin needs a coach who can trust him to execute his offensive tactics with big players in the middle

    just can’t wait past the deadline and see what happens. Morey is in bad sleeping nights for several days for sure while Lin enjoying his time watching several basketball games in town

  • boatman

    It would be sweet to see Linsanity back in NYC. But the team chemistry would be too different without Laundry Fields, Jared Jefferies, and Novak. These guys were key pieces for Lin to thrive in a penetrate and dish offense. Then with Tyson leaving with Lin coming back would weaken the front court. Asik is not a run and dunk center like Tyson was. Asik is more of a rebounder who can score with the ball when under the basket. Games during Linsanity were won by running with the ball during transition or TO. But I gotta give a lot of credit to the Knicks organization for considering JLIn and Asik. It takes a fool to let a good thing go because of your pride but a bigger fool to not accept that same good thing when it comes back to you. Any opinions?

    • Jaycaleb

      Novak’s 3s replaced by THJR

      JJ replaced by Tyler


      • boatman

        Dude…I love THJR. This kid can ball…. He’s not starting bc he’s a ‘rook’ or whateva but I like to see him and Jlin play together. They would make a good duo in a fast paced penetrate and dish kind of game. Tyler’s defense is nowhere near JJ’s level so I don’t agree. Knicks will need an all in defensive minded player who can shoot a good midway jumper if Knicks can become a contender or even make it into the playoffs. But Melo’s slow/hold the ball to create a play will kill JLin and THJR from thriving. I really think Melo’s days as a superstar in this league is over. Durant and Lebron are contenders bc they run with or without the ball. I don’t see Melo’s lazy ass ever doing that the entire game.

    • Josb

      its true that Tyson and Lin had a great run as a duo, but asik has proven to thrive next to lin in Houston and can pick it up then. just getting those two in one package could help NY, since they already had a good solid season, where the PG was involved with a good number of assists and Asik with multiple consistent double doubles.

      • boatman

        By looking at Asik’s age and proven numbers last season I do agree. However, Asik’s been out for more than half this season with some unknown thigh injury?? I don’t know if this is bc he’s upset about Howard’s arrival or not. Either way, it’s concerning bc he’s injury may be serious or he’s not a team player. Can’t have a sourpuss on a younger rebuilding team. Well, this is assuming Knicks want to go that route with Melo as a scorer who can increase his assist avg. from 5 to 8 per/game. Like I said earlier, it would be really interesting to see Jlin back in NYC. I’ve been following him ever since Linsanity. He’s had glimpses of Linsane games but he not very consistent. I do have to admit his jump shots and three’s seem to have a bit more pop and smoothness. But his TO’s are still a concern.

        • Josb

          To address about asik, yes he was out with this mysterious injury that sidelined him for many games, but he currently, from the small time he’s started to play, doesn’t seem to be affecting him. If anything, this was a muscle injury, and nothing of the Andrew Bynum Philly saw. He isn’t prone to injury without counting this last disappearance, which many would speculate would be protest of not obtaining his rightful minutes and his starting job. If you take into account, his track record of being injury free is impressing, even if you just compare it to the seldomly available Tyson.
          Lin has the lowest TO ratio in his career and has greatly improved his shooting from the linsanity era. Btw, if he goes back to NY it would be interesting, only if they promote him like the prodigal son, just as they did to Melo haha.

          • boatman

            Josb, you can’t just go by the numbers. I’m almost certain JLin is a good player and NBA start worthy on the right team. But he’s TO is a concern CONSIDERING he’s playing off the ball most of the times and he’s minutes are still down. I’ve seen him still get inside the paint without a escape route. I believe this is partially the fault of Harden and Dwight’s lack of movement off the ball. However, to be an effective PG he need to develop a better floater and players who can serve as an escape route when JLin dribbles around the baseline into the paint.

          • Josb

            Ah, well now Jlin does have that fault, of looking for a shooter rather than taking it himself, but I would also like to point out that the Rocket’s coach is McHale. He doesn’t really likes Lin being the real floor general. He would push for harden to take that role. I believe lin would take more shots if he were not penalized for them. He’s not the raw player in NY, so there’s a better guarantee he’s learned to make better plays.

      • Psy Lee

        Anyone can thrive next to Lin

        • Josb

          Kinda. I mean, the chemistry has to be there. D-MO has improved a lot with the work him and Lin have done together in the second unit, but they certainly aren’t the brightest duo, like with Tjones.

    • maran747

      I wonder what Melo thinks of Lin coming back. The spotlight will be off of him again, unless he clicks with Lin and Lin makes him look better than he is now. But if Lin clicks even just near what he did during Linsanity, Melo is not going to be the main show again and he doesn’t like that. Woodson, I think he’ll welcome Lin back to maybe hope possibly that Lin can do the same thing for DiAntonni.

  • Jaycaleb


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  • Easy Runner

    NO, absolutely not, Houston, heading to #2 seed in WC, the Knicks, heading to lottery, of course, they’re (deep-pocket) aggressive to make changes(anything is better esp their MSG stock value will jump w Lin). The Rockets just need 1 or 2 small pieces, defensive 2/3 like Corel Brewer or PJ Tucker, absolutely wont need injury-prone over-the-hill pricey Chandler, punk JR, worst PG Fatty Felton, IMO.

  • dan

    tired of the rumors ..Just make it happen!!! Chandler,JR smith and Felton, for Asik and Lin.