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About SCS




Space City Scoop is the ultimate one stop shop for anything Houston Rockets. Whether it’s trade talk, key players in a win or loss, off the court activity, videos, highlights, or even opinion pieces matching up the Rockets’ current players against competition now or players in the past, it can all be found here.

Our main objective is to be objective and deliver a full-spectrum of awesome Rockets content whether the pieces are opinionated, recaps, reviews, satire, or any other type of post you’re looking for.



Michael Ma, lead editor - Twitter: @RealMichaelMa

Phillip Pyle II, editor – Twitter @pippyle2  website: phillippylethesecond.com


Staff Writers

Ramzy Kawaja- Twitter: @RedNationReport

Connor Paden - Twitter: @ConnorPaden22

Sarah Breuner - Twitter: @SarahBreuner

Canaan Cadwell - Twitter: @CanaanCadwell

Bryson Jones - Twitter: @RedNationBlogga

Brett David Roberts – Twitter: @BDRhoops

Bill Simpson – Twitter: @TexasBS_Report



Dustin Van Lieu-Twitter: @OHoopsDJV

Vinny Hardy- Twitter: @VinnyHardy


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