Rockets Ultimatum





The buzz around the Toyota Center is that Kyle Lowry wants Kevin McHale gone. In an interview, the disgruntled point-guard stated that a move needed to be made. “If things aren’t addressed coaching-wise, I guess I have to be moved.”

In light of the new “Quarterback controversy” that was born when Goran Dragic took over for the injured Kyle and very much “out-Lowry’d” him, these powerful words should’ve been music to GM Daryl Morey’s ears. Many discussions were had in every Rockets forum about why it would only be smart to re-sign Dragic and make a trade to upgrade another position with Lowry being the casualty. Apparently, Morey isn’t agreeing with the fans’ suggestions and has even downplayed the entire situation. “I think Kyle and coach McHale are both winners and both competitive guys,” Morey said. “I don’t anticipate any issues going forward.” Here’s a newsflash for you D-Money, this problem isn’t going to just vanish.

Perhaps Morey is worried about the prospect of Dragic signing somewhere else. It is very much a possibility. Morey can’t just come out and say, “Ok, I’m trading you.” The Dragic issue has to get taken care of before any decision regarding Lowry can be made. It would be disasterous to lose both.  I, myself, am worried that the ripple in the water caused by Kyle’s frustration would be enough to scare off the highly persued “Dragon.”

Something clearly has to be done. Gripe causes friction. Friction repels chemistry. The plan to play Lowry and Dragic simultaniously will not work. The Rockets went a startling 2-7 when Lowry came back from his injury. It would be unfair for one of them to have to play out of position. Both players worked hard to earn a starting role as point-guard and to ask one of them to relinquish it for the other guy would be down right insulting. This is a perfect opportunity to upgrade. Offers would be thrown at Morey left and right by teams desperate to get Kyle wearing their colors. All Daryl has to do is dangle him on the open market. The production, plus the salary, would make Lowry the easiest person to trade in NBA history. Sell high on the guy, but only if you have the luxury.

A troublesome characteristic in the Rockets GM that has been rearing its ugly head lately is his stubborness. Morey is trying to rebuild without actually rebuilding, he would rather have the inexperienced coach who would allow him to hand-pick the staff rather than the proven winner in Adleman, and now he is going to try and force cohesion between McHale and Lowry. In Morey’s defense, players and coaches are going to have to act like professionals at some point. We all know Kyle is a good guy with a great head on his shoulders. If it so happens that Dragic signs elsewhere, K-Mac and K-Low will do their best to try and get along, but, how long would that last? Face it, Coach hasn’t really done his best to get on anybody’s good side. From the misuse of the Rockets first-round pick, Marcus Morris, to the lack of trust in the team’s leading scorer in Kevin Martin, McHale has made more enemies than friends. Don’t you think that when a cander Kevin cleaned out his closet after the Rockets had just completed their seven-game win streak, saying that he was ready to quit after the 3-8 start, that it didn’t resonate with the players? Lowry, being the leader, was probably speaking for the rest of the team. Something is brewing in that locker room and even a Kyle Lowry trade might not stop it.