Q&A session on the Houston Rockets 2012 NBA Draft Lottery


The team has come together to answer five popular questions surrounding the 2012 NBA Draft.  Staff writers Ramzy Kawaja (@Rednationreport), Hiren Joshi (@Htown747), Ryan Isemeyer (@Ryanisemeyer) and editor Kyle Adams (@Kyle0788) give you their take on the upcoming Draft.

1. How good do you think the 2012 draft class is?

Ramzy: It’s a pretty deep draft, especially in the shooting guard/small forward positions. There will be many 2nd round steals this year.

Hiren: This draft class is very athletic, and versatile. A multitude of players can make a solid impact for teams deep into the draft.

Ryan: This years draft class is amazing! I can confidently say that the first 20 players all have the potential to be all stars. Although this is coming from someone who supports a team that had 3 top 10 picks that ended up busting. Biased maybe?

Kyle: I think it’s the deepest since the 2003 draft that included LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade. A lot of potential in each player. Just because you don’t have the first pick doesn’t mean you won’t get a star this year. 

2. Who is the most underrated player in this years draft?

Ramzy: Surprisingly, Perry Jones is projected to go outside of the top 10. Centers are a commodity in the Association these days. With a great ability to rebound and block shots, this athletic fireball will be a huge impact and top 3 worthy.

Hiren: Terrence Ross. Rockets should heavily consider, if picks can’t be moved.

Ryan: Meyers Leonard. His wingspan of 7’2 along with his block mechanics and penetration into the paint. Watch out!

Kyle: Perry Jones. I think he’s atleast a top 5 talent, maybe even top 3, but is projected to be outside of the top 10. Hopefully he falls to 14. I think he could be the biggest steal of the draft.

3. Who is the most overrated player in this years draft?

Ramzy: Austin Rivers comes off as average to me. Dude has a nice jumper but not exceptionally skilled going one-on-one. I can see him playing a nice role off the bench but he’s not worth drafting in the lottery.

Hiren: Andre Drummond. What’s his ceiling? Could be a bigger risk than reward.

Ryan: Austin Rivers. One shot last name wonder. Some mock drafts have him at 7th, some at 21st. I feel like he declared for the draft 1-2 years too early.

Kyle: It’s a tie between Austin Rivers and Jared Sullinger. Just because you’re Doc Rivers son doesn’t mean you will be great. I think he has a lot of talent, but will it come out? I need to see a lot more. He came out way to early. Sullinger is a big man who thrives against guys undersized. When he plays against an actual big man he struggles. That’s not going to cut it in the NBA. Better get to work Jared.

4. Who should the Rockets draft?

Ramzy: Tony Wroten has what the Rockets lack in a shooting guard, an ability to slash and score. If he’s there, scoop him up.

Hiren: Maybe Damian Lillard at 14 as Lowry departs. Maybe Tyler Zeller? Being that the Rockets have to make decisions on current players, it’s tough to judge what holes will exist.

Ryan: If Possible, Terrence Jones. The guy is a beast when he shows up. He brings mental toughness physical presence and high basketball IQ inside the paint.

Kyle: The best player available. If Perry Jones falls to 14 that would be huge. If not Tyler Zeller looks like a solid pick. Dalembert and Camby are not in the Rockets future plans when it comes to the center position. Zeller could lock that up for years to come in my opinion.

5.  Should the Rockets trade the picks?

Ramzy: If you can package them for an all-star, be my guest, but it wouldn’t hurt to use the picks and start this youth movement and rebuilding process.

Hiren: Yes the Rockets should package a deal with both picks and move up via the Kings or Raptors. I don’t think the Rockets should sit tight.

Ryan: If the rockets can find a point or shooting guard that can maybe hold the franchise, absolutely. K-Mart is practically on a different planet right now and with an unhappy lowry who knows? 

Kyle: Only if it involves a superstar player or a top 10 pick. Looks like Gasol and Howard could be up for grabs. If a team picking in the top 10 wants to stock up on picks i think they should make a deal and try and land a potential future star. If not than they should stay put and pick the best available.