Trade Rumors: Luis Scola would welcome a trade to the Lakers


Just a few days ago the Rockets put Scola on the trade block. Not long after that the Nets showed a lot of interest in making a deal for Scola. Sources said it got “very close”, but shortly after that the deal was dead. Reportedly Scola has said that he would welcome a trade to the Lakers.

Scola had a very down year last season. In my opinion it’s time to move the veteran as he has no future with the current squad. Last season he started all 66 games, he averaged 15.5 points, 6.4 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 31 minutes a game. It was his worst season since his sophomore season and it definitely was his worst year defensively and rebounding of his career. Scola’s age has caught up to him, he’s only 32, but plays like he’s 42. He gives no effort on the defensive end and mostly takes nothing but jump shots on the offensive end. I hate to say it, but he looked lazy at times. I think his best years are behind him.

With all of that being said, he still has a lot of value, and the Lakers make pefect sense. There are rumors out that say the Lakers have put Pau Gasol on the trading block. The Rockets have shown a lot of interest in the 7ft center the last couple of seasons, but after last year they’re interest wore off a bit. As it looks now, the Lakers asking price has gone down dramatically. Everyone remembers the deal that got nixed by commissioner David Stern that would of sent Gasol to Houston, Chris Paul to the Lakers and Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and Luis Scola to the New Orleans Hornets. After one season a lot has changed. The Rockets want to bring back Dragic and have put Kyle Lowry on the trading block. The Rockets could offer the Lakers Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola for veteran big man Pau Gasol.

I know a lot of Rockets fans don’t want Gasol, but hear me out. This guy carried the Memphis Grizzlies to the the playoffs almost single-handedly every year. He won two rings with the Lakers and it wouldn’t have happened without him. He is still the most skilled post player in the NBA. The Lakers have only switched to featuring Bynum in the post because he’s younger and in their future plans, Gasol is neither. Gasol would be the g0-t0-guy on the Rockets roster. His post game is unmatched and he brings above average defense with him. He’s a major upgrade over Scola.

This deal also helps the Lakers quite a bit. They have a huge hole at the point guard spot. Last season they experimented with Derek Fisher, Steve Blake and Ramon Sessions. Although Sessions was an upgrade over Fisher and Blake, Lowry would lockdown the point guard position with the Lakers for the next few seasons. He’s a boarder-line All-Star. Scola would be perfect next to Bynum who could dominate the post and Scola could take a step out of the paint and jack up jump shots all game long like he did all last year. This would also help the aging Kobe Bryant get another chance at a ring before his time is up.

If the trade isn’t good enough for the Lakers the Rockets could also throw in Kevin Martin who has also been on the trade block or maybe one of the young guys. Either way i think this deal is way more realistic than a Dwight Howard deal for the Rockets. If i had to guess this deal will be talked about again at a high rate between these to respected teams. The Rockets don’t have to stop at Gasol, they could also make a run at Eric Gordon possibly. Gasol’s post game would be a welcomed edition in Houston. I’ve always expected this deal to get done since last season, and i think it still will.