Jeremy Lin is back with the Houston Rockets


It’s official. The New York Knicks have declined to match the Houston Rockets offer to Jeremy Lin for three-years $25 million. Linsanity makes his way back to Houston.

Just 8 months ago Lin was apart of the Rockets roster for training camp after the lockout ended. But before he could even suit up in a game he was released to make room for center Samuel Dalembert. The Rockets liked Lin, but they already had Goran Dragic, Kyle Lowry and Jonny Flynn at the point guard position. They needed a center badly and Dalembert was the guy. Just a couple months later the Rockets learned they made a huge mistake when Lin took the world by storm and became Linsanity.

Jeremy Lin was a guy fighting for a spot in the NBA. Sleeping on teammates and friends couches in New York not knowing how much longer he was going to be a Knick. But after multiple injuries to Knicks point guards, Lin finally got a chance, and you know what happens next.

If you read my piece on Goran Dragic being better thant Lin, i still feel that way, for now. Lin and Dragic do a lot of similar things, but as of right now Dragic does them better. The difference is Lin is three years younger and has had only one full season in the NBA. He has a ton of talent, potential and willingness to get better. If this kid continues to work hard, he can definitely be within the top 10 point guards in the league.

With Lin’s popularity he is almost a lock to be an All-Star starter, even being outside of New York. Houston has a very loyal asian fan base since they drafted Yao Ming in 2002. Lin has the potenital to be just as popular in Houston as he was in New York, but more globally from America to China. He will no doubt put fans in the seats and give Houston something to cheer for after the Rockets spent the last few seasons being very mediocre.

The Rockets finally got the point guard of the future and the face of their franchise. And with all the young talent on the Rockets roster turning heads in the Summer League, Houston looks to have a very bright future. The Rockets potential starting lineup could be Lin, Jeremy Lamb, Chandler Parsons, Donatas Motiejunas and potentially Omer Asik if the Bulls don’t match his offer. Who knows, maybe Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum will be next to join Lin in Houston.

Rockets fans have been waiting a long time to have one of the top names in basketball on their side. I applaud Daryl Morey for making this move. Welcome back to Houston, Jeremy. You will love the passion Red Nation shows for their team. Houston, we have a probLIN!

Daryl Morey: “Welcome to Houston Jeremy Lin! We plan to hang on this time. You will love Red Nation.”

Jeremy Lin: “Extremely excited and honored to be a Houston Rocket again!! Red Nation.” he goes on to say “Much love and thankfulness to the Knicks and New York for your support this past year… Easily the best year of my life. Forever Grateful.”