Orlando Magic Trade Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers


The Dwightmare is over. After months and months of Howard changing his mind time after time, Dwight Howard finally got what he wanted, out of Orlando.

The Magic, Lakers, Nuggets and 76ers completed a four-team trade that sends Dwight Howard, Chris Duhon and Earl Clark to the Lakers, Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson to the Sixers, Andre Iguodala to the Nuggets and Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Moe Harkless, Nikola Vucevic, Christian Eyenga, Josh McRoberts and three protected future first-rounds picks from each team to the Magic. Did you get all of that?

Dwight immeadiately puts the Lakers back in title contention. In fact, i think it puts them ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder. I love Bynum’s post game, but Howard’s defense is legendary in the paint. Plus Howard scored more points per game than Bynum. Bynum is the second best center in the NBA, but Howard is far and away the best.

It’s scary to think that Steve Nash will be running the pick and roll with Howard. Nash turned Amare Stoudemire into a star in Phoenix, imagine what he can do with an already superstar center. Not to mention the Lakers still have five-time champion Kobe Bryant who will still give them an easy 25 points a game. And don’t forget Pau Gasol, the most skilled offensive big man in the NBA. You heard it here first, if the Lakers play at their full potential you can go ahead and hand them the 2013 Championship trophy. I think they could beat the Miami Heat in 6 games.

The Orlando Magic waited this long to get Arron Afflalo and three late first-round picks? I don’t understand their philosophy. The Houston Rockets made an offer that blew this deal out of the water. It looks like they’re building for the future, i just don’t think the future is very bright in Orlando. The Magic look to be big losers in this deal.

The Sixers had to give up Iguodala, but they finally got themselves a face of their franchise type of player in Bynum. He will definitely be the starting center in the Eastern Conference barring any injuries. Bynum is the best offensive center in basketball. His defense is solid as well. Two things worry me about Bynum, his past injuries, and his immaturity. If he can stay away from the injury bug and continue to mature, the 76ers could be relevant for years to come. As long as they can sign him long term. But that’s a different story.

The Nuggets come out big winners in this deal. They gave up Arron Afflalo and Al Harrington for All-Star guard Andre Iguodala. I love Afflalo’s game, but Iguodala is a leader and one of the best defenders in the NBA. I think he fits perfectly with what the Nuggets need and want to do. Lawson, Iguodala, Gallinari, Faried and McGee is a very promising starting five. A lot of potential in Denver land. The fans should be ecstatic.

Everyone (including me) was sick and tired of all the Howard rumors. Everyday it seemed like a new one. The most used phrase this offseason has to be “nothing is imminent.” Finally other teams can move on from the Dwightmare and focus on other things they could do for their franchise. All in all, the Los Angeles Lakers will raise their 18th banner in 2013.