Space City Scoop interviews former TCU guard J.R Cadot


J.R Cadot is a young man who has been through it all. A man who deserves more credit than he has got so far coming out of TCU. One way or another this kid is determined to make it as a professional basketball player. Rather it be in the NBA or another league, he won’t stop until he reaches his goal, and then he will make new ones.

Cadot was born and raised in the Bahamas. He didn’t move to America until he was 21 years old. He went to a small community college in Wyoming called Sheridan College. Shortly after that he got word that his dad died back in the Bahamas. And what did he do to honor his father? He went out and had the game of his life just a few hours later.

After playing two seasons with Sheridan, J.R transferred to TCU. In his senior season with the Horned Frogs, Cadot averaged 11.4 points, 7 rebounds 1.4 assists and 1.5 steals in 30 minutes a game. He made the All-Mountain West third Team and finished his career ranked No. 2 in TCU history for career field-goal percentage (56.6 percent). He’s a very good defensive player and shooter. He’s definitely a team player who will do anything his coaches ask. Cadot has played with top college players in his career, including a player named Jimmer Fredette. You may have heard of him.

He didn’t get drafted, but he did workout for the Houston Rockets and the Chicago Bulls. Cadot and i have kept in touch for months. He was nice enough to do an interview with me.

Kyle: How did the workout with the Rockets go?

J.R: The workout went really well and I felt like I gave it my best shot and left everything I had on the floor… I competed with five other top players during my workout and felt that we all gave our best out there.. I’m thankful the Rockets gave me a shot to workout for them and you can count on me to be back for another workout and etc…

Kyle: Have you worked out for other teams or been in contact with another team?

J.R: Yes I spoke to the bulls and my situation with them was pretty decent just like the Rockets situation went.. Once again im happy I got the chance to experience all I did this summer with both organizations..

Kyle: How would you describe your time at TCU?

J.R: Wonderful,  at TCU I was able to continue to grow as both a young man and basketball player. Off the court I was able to touch many other lives and was able to be an inspiration for my teammates.. TCU was a great experience and if I could do it all again I would still choose TCU over the other university’s.

Kyle: How long did you live in the Bahamas before you came to America?

J.R: I lived in the Bahamas for 21 years before I came to America for college.. Started out at Sheridan college in Wyoming and ended up at Tcu… “Go Frogs”.

Kyle: Which NBA player, past or present, do you idolize most?

J.R: Michael Jordan/ Dwayne wade.. Both guys have a big heart and works hard. I structure my game like those guys and look up to both of them because of their work ethic and drive for success..

Kyle: Who do you look up to most off the court and why?

J.R: I looked up most to my dad off the court but he died February 23, 2010. And that’s when my life changed and made me a better man.. My perspective and look at life was changed that day.. Dad died a few hours before a really important game for me at Sheridan college. I still played the game that night and had 30 points and 15 rebounds and the game wining basket with about a second or two left in the game.

Kyle: How honored were you to represent your country (Bahamas) on the National team?

J.R: I was honored to represent my country but do note that I was born in the Bahamas but both parents are from Haiti so in the Bahamas i’m considered a Haitian kid not Bahamian. But I was honor to play for the national team and represent the country of the Bahamas.. Not much guys get to do that.

Kyle: Your faith seems to be a big part of your life. Do you think it has impacted you for the better?

J.R: Yes my faith in God has impacted my life for the better and has brought the best out of me… My faith is my motivation and desire to achieve every goal that I set out for myself.. Without god nothing is possible but with god everything is possible..

Kyle: Are you interested in playing in other leagues if the NBA doesn’t call your name this season?

J.R: Yes I will definitetly look to play in Europe if the NBA dose not call my name.. It’s not where you start your career it’s where you end it.. I know I’ll eventually make my way back to the NBA.. That’s how my heart feel and tells me..

Kyle: Describe who you are as a person and what you stand for.

J.R: I’m a humble down to earth, loving and caring guy that help others before I help myself.. I understand how it feels to come from the bottom and have nothing in life to be proud about.. I stand for believing in myself and having a vision for what I can Become and not just where I am now in life. The heart of a lion can describe who I am.

Kyle: How big of a culture shock was it going from the Bahamas to Wyoming and then to Fort Worth?

J.R: It was not much of a culture shocked because I always visited America. I have family in America and was pretty familiar with the culture and how the system of America work.

Kyle: Which teammate did you become closest to?

J.R: Cheick kone and Hank Thorns… Both guys were like brothers to me at TCU and we will continue our friendship for the rest of our lives.

Kyle: What was the most important thing you learned from your coaches, and which coach taught you this?

J.R: Both the coaches from Sheridan college and TCU taught me life lessons that I will pass on to my kids and my own family. But my coach at Sheridan college, coach Steve Smiley, taught me that the biggest mistake you can make in life, is being afraid of making one.

Cadot is a very respectful and strong young man who dedicates his life to his faith, late father and the rest of his family. He’s been at the bottom and rose to the top in multiple ways. He’s the perfect athlete to look up to no matter if your Haitian, Bahamian or American. I want to thank him for taking a few minutes out of his day to speak with me. I’m very honored to be able to call him my friend. Make sure to follow him and his journey. His basketball career has only just begun.