NBA 2K13 Player Ratings: Houston Rockets Guard Jeremy Lin Rated 77


Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

I’m actually very surprised by the NBA 2K13 Player Rating of Jeremy Lin. I expected him to be somewhere in the low to mid 80’s. 2K got it right by rating him at 77. I do believe he is overrated as of right now, but I also believe he is a very good player with a lot of potential, maybe even superstar potential. He’s still just 24 years old and has a huge upside.

Most of us know the saga of Jeremy Lin so far. From nobody wanting him, to becoming the underdog story everyone came to love. Some named him the Tim Tebow of the NBA, but there is one thing different between the two. Jeremy Lin is actually good. He’s actually really good.

He showed off his talents in that magical month in New York. Some people try to take away from it saying it was against mostly bad teams and the ball was always in his hands. Well, maybe so. But he also won most of those games. He dominated the Los Angeles Lakers after Kobe Bryant publicly stated that he didn’t know much about Lin. I don’t know about you, but if you go into Los Angeles and beat the Lakers with no Carmelo Anthony and no Amare Stoudemire, that’s definitely making a statement.

Some things that Lin can work on to improve his rating in NBA 2K14 is on defense and overall running a team. Lin has a hard time staying in front of his defender. He needs to work on his footwork and use his size to his advantage. Offensively he’s a very good scorer, but he turns the ball over way too much. He needs to make better decisions and get his teammates involved more. He has the ability to make some spectacular passes. Now he needs to work on making the correct passes for easy buckets.

Red Nation is already in love with their new star player. He has already begun working out at the Toyota Center. He may never be as popular as he was last winter in New York. But Linsanity will continue to live on with the Houston Rockets. Jeremy Lin is a lock to start in the 2013 All-Star game in Houston.