Jeremy Lin vs Deron Williams: A Houston Rockets-Brooklyn Nets Preview


Feb 4, 2012; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin (17) drives to the basket against New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams (8) during the second half at Madison Square Garden. Knicks beat the Nets 99-92. Mandatory Credit: Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin began Linsanity as a New York Knick facing off against Utah Jazz troublemaker, Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams at Madison Square Garden February 4, 2012. Jeremy Lin came off the bench with 25 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds and +15 efficiency, the highest of that game. Deron Williams had a noteworthy 21 points, 11 assists, 6 rebounds. Like most Mike D’antoni-Jeremy Lin games, it was close with the Knicks only winning by 7 points.

In the rematch, February 20, 2012 had what dubs Deronsanity: Deron Williams has 38 points, 6 assists making 8 out of 14 (over 50% of his) 3-pointers. Jeremy Lin has a nothing-to-scoff-at 21 points and 9 assists contrasting who won the point-assist war last game.

Since then, the two have not faced each other. Jeremy Lin and Deron Williams have since changed locations, not having had a great season this year, but still having significant moments, especially in leadership.

Sure the Houston Rockets came off a win and the Brooklyn Nets took a loss yesterday. However, the Rockets took a win off a bad record and a bad playing young New Orleans Hornets, while Brooklyn took a loss against one of the highly competitive top 4 teams of the Western Conference, the Memphis Grizzlies, who were led by veterans such as Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph.

Tips for Houston:

1. Do what you do best:

Poke them like they’re a Facebook buddy: Steal. Jeremy Lin’s in the Top 5 in the league for steals. Carlos Delfino is not anybody to laugh at either. Then,

Transition: You can completely cause chaos to the Nets’ defense this way. You can put mind games on them. You have youth on your side. Run ’em to the ground.

2. Pass above Omer Asik’s arms. He probably needs contacts or something, but he cannot see below his knees.

3. Watch out for the Nets:

Deronsanity: As stated before, there may still be animosity between the two players. Deron Williams is one of the best point guards of the past decade. Maybe he will shoot more 3s or pass to C.J. Watson or Marshon Brooks to have more 3s. Maybe you can trick him into shooting 3s even though his field goal % actually is not that good. That leads me to:

Watch for rebounds. They have a lot of good rebounders on their team. Reggie Evans comes to mind. That’s all the man does.

4. Defense will win this game.

Watch out for Gerald “Crash” Wallace. The man guards superstars. Maybe he will completely humiliate James Harden like Bismack Biyombo’s blocks did to the Rockets in the Bobcats game.

Consider using Toney Douglas against Deronsanity: If you see D-Will knocking a few 3s, maybe you should consider changing point guards. Toney Douglas is a good defender, but don’t let Deron shoot a few 3s and get tired and substitute before putting in Douglas. It will kill a game.

Play the 120 point game if you’re not going to play the 100 point game. Play the 100 point game if you do not want to play the 120 point game. I do not understand not running and gunning and not playing defense to slow down the opposite team, which is what the Rockets have been doing recently. The team was good at doing these things at different times of the season and then they just stopped. It defies logic.

If there is not a lot of defense, it will hopefully be a 120 point game. Enjoy.