Should Rockets Fans Root For the Spurs?!


Over at the Houston Press, Jeff Balke has an interesting post about whether or not Houston Rockets fans should be rooting  for the San Antonio Spurs in this years NBA Finals. Here are Jeff’s reasons Rockets should root for the Spurs:

5. San Antonio isn’t Dallas.

I really have to bite down on something and swallow hard to root for the Mavericks. Same goes for the Cowboys. But, this is San Antonio. They only have one franchise. They don’t feel like a rival to Houston as a city, but it is a nice place to visit. With Dallas, there is just plenty to dislike, so trying to cheer for them is like applauding a douchey frat guy when he punches an even douchier frat guy in the face. It’s sort of a victory, but I still feel like I need to take a shower and wash my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide.
4. A victory for the Spurs is a win for the little guy.

Even though Houston is the fourth largest city in America, our sports teams are often treated like also rans. Ditto the Spurs. In fact, it is worse for San Antonio because, for over a decade, they have had arguably the best franchise in the NBA, yet, no one seems all that interested. They find them boring and their signature star, Tim Duncan, to have no personality. Another win for them would solidify their run as one of the truly great ones in NBA history. As much as I hate to see that from a rival, I appreciate how important it is that teams from smaller markets get in the spotlight.
3. The lesser of two evils.

Let’s face it, the Heat are annoying. From Pat Riley’s greased down mop to LaBron’s “decision,” there is much to dislike about the reigning champs. Honestly, when watching them, the only one I really pull for is Dwayne Wade and, if I am being completely forthcoming, it is hard not to be mesmerized by James and his abilities. But, that’s not enough to get me to like them.
2. Doing things the right way.

Whatever you may think about the Spurs, this is a model franchise. We should be so lucky as to emulate them. Their talent is home-grown. Their coach is exactly the right mix of father figure and a-hole. Their players are understated and often underdogs when they started. None of them get into trouble or act like jerks on or off the floor. If that’s boring, I respect the hell out of boring.
1. Texas forever.

The immortal words from Friday Night Lights still echo for me because, well, Texas forever. I’ll always pull for a team from my home state over another, even if I want to see them lose every time by 50 and be utterly humiliated when they play a team from Houston.

I agree with most of what Jeff has to say, aside from only rooting for Wade. I enjoy watching LeBron, and when he isn’t playing the Rockets I pretty much want him to dominate. The lack of respect that San Antonio ultimately receives is something all of Texas has to deal with. Texas is almost its own country and that sort of thinking helps to cushion the blow of the larger markets ignoring our potential.

As for Dallas, there is absolutely no love for you or any of your teams.