Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Could Dragic Trade Factor in Bringing Another PG to Houston?


Houston Rockets Trade Rumors and Speculation:

Goran Dragic has basically insisted on a trade via his passive aggressive message of “I won’t resign with the Suns this summer”.  This forces the hands of the Phoenix Suns who had acquiesced their 3-guard line-up had failed and determined Dragic was the player they were intent on keeping. This meant the Suns were actively shopping summer acquisition Isaiah Thomas.

Now, with news Dragic won’t resign it forces Phoenix’ hands to make a move by Thursday at 3:00 P.M. Eastern or risk getting nothing in return for the disenchanted Slovenian point guard.

Dragic didn’t stop with the revelation the Suns weren’t going to keep his services, via his agent he provided a short list of possible locations he would willingly re-sign this summer when he enters unrestricted free agency. Of those it appears the New York Knicks, Lakers and Miami Heat top his desired locations.

Given Dragic has said he wants to play for a contender this short list (other than Miami) is somewhat confusing. Neither New York or the Lakers are contenders nor would they be simply through the addition of Dragic. Apparently it’s big markets and big bucks the point guard is after.

While Houston were said to be actively in pursuit of trading to bring the point guard back to the Rockets it was reported Houston did not make Dragic’s short list of desired destinations. What this means is if Rocket GM Daryl Morey continues the trade talks  he’d be giving up assets for 29 days and a playoff run, hardly worth the price of losing a draft pick or valuable asset.

So, it got me to thinking is there a way Houston could still be involved via a multiple team deal and still add a valuable player for their post season push:

Houston Enter Dragic Sweepstakes via a 4-team deal: 

There isn’t much on the New York Knicks or Lakers in terms of viable plug and play pieces Houston would desire, however some of the other rumored short listed destinations could factor in a 3-team or 4-team deal.

Of the short listed teams Miami is considered one of the top picks for Dragic which makes one wonder would the Heat trade recently rising over performer Hassan Whiteside as part of a deal to nab Dragic? As per Alex Kennedy the Heat had been shopping small forward Luol Deng who may become the trade bait if Miami becomes the key player in nabbing Dragic.

Earlier today, I said Luol Deng could be the surprise player moved before the deadline. Now, it seems he could be dealt for Goran Dragic.

— Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) February 18, 2015

Notably the Suns are guard heavy and still haven’t found a way to compete in a half court setting which will be what the playoff brings should they manage to grab that eighth seed, so would this move elicit a third or fourth team’s involvement? Makes me wonder if Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri is actively watching this situation as the one roster spot on Toronto still needing a fix/upgrade is their starting small forward position given Terrence Ross’ slow growth into the position.

Deng has a close relationship with Ujiri given his involvement with Basketball without borders and one would think would be more than inspired to join a Raptor team who currently rank second in the East.   The other factor is this summer in the draft the Raptors coveted Canadian point guard Tyler Ennis  who even with the trade of Dragic won’t be guaranteed much playing time.

Luol Deng, Goran Dragic Swap a Possibility?: Earlier today, I said Luol Deng could be the surprise player move… http://t.co/pCiaqLakQt

— Basketball Insiders (@BBallInsiders) February 18, 2015

Further it would offer Deng the opportunity to cast his revenge on several Eastern squads, namely the Bulls for their mistreatment of his spinal tap in the playoffs two seasons ago, Atlanta for their off color and biased comments toward him this past summer and of course the Heat for signing him only to cast him off before a full season had been played. Unlike many clubs Toronto has several assets that can be traded, so let’s see if they factor into the mix come Thursday’s deadline.

For Houston picking up a point guard like Greivis Vasquez who could work alongside Harden might be an ideal fit. He can run the pick and roll, hits threes and two seasons ago in Sacramento was posting record assists prior to his ankle injury.

For the Suns who require help up front and have been said to be looking to shore up their veteran input as well as their wing potential they could come away with a little bit of everything in the combination of: Terrence Jones, Jason Terry, Tyler Hansbrough and or Terrence Ross.

In my multiple team scenario this is how the trade would shake out:

Trade Option One:

Phoenix: Get Terrence Jones, Jason Terry and Tyler Hansbrough

Miami: Get Goran Dragic

Houston: Get Greivis Vasquez

Toronto: Get Luol Deng and Tyler Ennis

The trade is viable via ESPN’s Trade Machine

This would give each of the 4 teams something they require, for Phoenix they net 3 players to meet specific needs: veteran input: Terry and front court needs of toughness and low post play: Hansbrough/Jones. For Miami they finally get a quality point guard, for Houston they also get a  point guard who is more pass driven to compliment Harden and for Toronto they finally get their Canadian player and a starting small forward.

Trade Option Two:

The second option would see a slightly altered player trade using the same 4-teams:

Phoenix: Get Terrence Ross and Jason Terry

Miami: Get Goran Dragic

Houston: Get Greivis Vasquez

Toronto: Get Luol Deng and Tyler Ennis

This is also a viable trade via ESPN’s Trade Machine

Other Options Still Exist:

For the Rockets if they still desire an upgrade at point guard it still feels like a logical trade option is with Oklahoma City and Reggie Jackson. Although I suggested Terrence Jones as the option in the FanSided article, perhaps another 3 team deal works better if Brooklyn is still intent on moving Brooke Lopez and OKC are still leaning toward an upgrade at the starting center position.

Bottom line:

Since Dragic waited until 2 days before the deadline to force the Suns’ hands  it’s highly possible Phoenix would be willing to take a final parting shot at Dragic in return.

By helping both themselves and Houston (the 2 teams this action is cleverly meant to thwart) via a multi-team deal Phoenix could send a message back to Dragic that the same 2 clubs who showcased Dragic’s abilities both prospered via this passive aggressive tantrum regardless of his intentions.

With just a day and 6 hours remaining until the deadline Goran Dragic definitely made the countdown more interesting if nothing else.

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