Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Will Morey Gamble on Dragic?


Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Reports are Morey is unabated in pursuit of Dragic?

With news Goran Dragic flatly told the Suns he won’t resign with them this summer when he becomes an unrestricted free agent  Phoenix has entered full on scrambling mode.

Now Phoenix is forced to find a trade partner for their disenchanted guard or be left with no compensation this summer when he walks.

The crazy part is the Suns had seemingly admitted the 3-guard idea wasn’t working, but had chosen to trade summer acquisition Isaiah Thomas.

Reports surfaced the Suns were shopping Thomas and opting to keep Dragic with hopes of rekindling last season’s magic in the back court between Dragic and Eric Bledsoe.

Suns looking to trade Isaiah Thomas instead of Goran Dragic. http://t.co/G5a28BLTE9 pic.twitter.com/FbirEx5FIj

— HoopsHype (@hoopshype) February 14, 2015

Well suddenly that choice is now gone and making matters worse is Dragic’s Agent: Bill Duffy apparently provided a short list of 7 teams the Slovenian guard is willing to re-sign with this summer. At the top of that list are the New York Knicks, the Lakers and the Heat.

Report: Goran Dragic Wants Out Of Phoenix Even If Isaiah Thomas Is Dealt; Dragic Desires Knicks, Heat Or Lakers http://t.co/tHCFU6JrGO — Dime Magazine (@DimeMag) February 18, 2015

While it was felt Rocket GM Daryl Morey was actively working to bring Dragic back the disenchanted guard made it clear via Houston’s exclusion off his short list the Rockets are in essence facing his wrath as well.

Celtics have the assets to jump into Dragic talks and, like Houston and Sacramento, also have the guts to trade for a free agent-to-be

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) February 18, 2015

However, GM Morey is reportedly not abated by the exclusion and is banking on the fifth year the successful team who lands the guard could offer via owning Dragic’s Bird Rights. Morey is assuming (as likely other teams pursuing the guard are) that the fifth year would play a role in the guard re-signing. In essence, whoever signs Dragic can offer an additional year via these rights or a 5 year deal versus any other team who could only offer 4 years.

Sounds like Rockets, as you’d expect, aren’t ready to surrender on Dragic pursuit even amid strong word Dragic doesn’t want to sign there — Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) February 18, 2015

Rockets as gutsy as any franchise you could name, but surrendering assets for player who doesn’t want to re-sign would take ’em to new level

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) February 18, 2015

If Phoenix don’t move the guard they’ll come up empty handed without compensation which is surely not the ideal situation. And, if they can’t move him he’ll likely head to Los Angeles or New York, both teams who would be open to offering him a 4-year deal possibly worth $80 million.

Dragic, I’m told, prefers Lakers and other situations to Houston, which means Rockets would be risking lots to surrender assets for him now

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) February 18, 2015

It was rumored Dragic met with Suns Management to voice his displeasure regarding his loss of minutes and usage and shortly afterward the Suns began shopping Isaiah Thomas. For Dragic to have pulled this move just two days before the deadline appears to be a calculated shot directly at the Suns. Further, if he’s willing to pull this when it was clear the Suns were trying to make things work, one wonders if he won’t for-go the extra year the team who acquires him can offer by owning Dragic’s Bird rights.

Moreover, he leaves an already fragile Suns team reeling now that Thomas knows management were willing to deal him. Certainly isn’t the type of situation the Suns needed for their post season push while they are literally clinging to the eighth seed with a now healthy Thunder squad nipping at their heels just a half game back.

So, that leaves us back to wondering will Daryl Morey opt to take such a big risk and lose assets knowing they might only have the disenchanted guard for 29 regular season games and how ever long they play in the post season.

Or is this simply a smoke screen being set up while Morey actually pursues other options?

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