NBA 2015 Trade News: Complete List & Analysis of Every Team’s Trade Activity

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Atlantic Division:

Toronto Raptors: 36-17

Like the top ranked Atlanta Hawks, the Toronto Raptors made no moves at the deadline. Entering the All-Star break the Raptors sat second in the East with a 2.5 game margin lead on the Chicago Bulls.

While many wondered if the Raptors would look to add some front court depth there is still the option of them looking to pick up Kendrick Perkins or Andray Blatche or they may remain solid given the goal of Masai Ujiri is to build the existing core.

Post Trade Deadline NBA Odds: Cavs: 7/2 Warriors: 7/2 Hawks: 6/1 Thunder: 15/2 Bulls + Spurs: 8/1 Mavs: 12/1 Raptors: 22/1

— Toronto Raptors News (@rtz_news) February 20, 2015

Early Thursday evening Masai Ujiri said the fact the team made no moves should send a message the organization is confident in who they have. It’s a vote of confidence to the team and especially the young guys to keep growing and that the organization is happy with their direction.

Ujiri said there was never really anything they heard that was of interest to them and they they are happy with the team chemistry and didn’t want to hurt that by changing the dynamics. Further, he added they have lots of cap room this summer and retain their picks so they are confident they are headed in the right direction.

Coach Casey added that they received quite a few calls inquiring about players, but reiterated Ujiri’s sentiment that this is a vote of confidence the team is headed in the right direction.

I read some articles following the deadline with writers declaring Toronto losers on the day which had me confused as to their thought process. Of note the top two teams in each conference made no trades (nor did several other teams) yet Toronto was the only team they marked as losers.

Toronto has one of the most cohesive locker rooms in the Association. They’ve got youth who are growing and learning from experience and the GM whose long term goal is to build a team who’ll contend for years (not just one year) retained their youth, have $30 million dollars of cap space opening up this summer, kept their draft pick and just sent a very clear vote of confidence to their squad.

For the legion of Raptor fans who’ve been taking over NBA arenas this year (like Cleveland and Detroit) this is a watershed moment for a franchise that has spent 20 years mostly panicking into making short sighted, ill advised moves on days like today. Let me remind you of the Vince Carter trade where the Raptors got a bag of beans or the loss of Tracy McGrady which in essence changed the rules for why there are now RESTRICTED free agents since Toronto got nothing REPEAT nothing in return for McGrady when he left for Orlando once his rookie contract expired.

I commend Masai Ujiri for not pulling the trigger just because he could. Part of the reason this version of the Raptors has succeeded is due to the experience they gained in last year’s playoffs, partly due to the growth of their core youth and mostly due to the chemistry in that locker room. An intangible quality that is often the difference in winning organizations.

Post @NBA Trade Deadline – @Raptors GM Ujiri: "'We feel confident in this team." WATCH: '

— SportsCentre (@SportsCentre) February 19, 2015

Brooklyn Nets: 21-31

While all the news leading up to the trade surrounded Joe Johnson potentially heading to Charlotte or Detroit and Brook Lopez heading to OKC. In the end both players remain in Brooklyn and the Net who was considered the most likely to remain leaves. With the most secure of the big 4 contracts Kevin Garnett waived his no trade clause to head back to his starting team Minnesota.

In return the Nets get Thaddeus Young from Minnesota.

REPORT: Unfazed by the expired trade deadline, the Brooklyn Nets are still aggressively trying to trade away Brook Lopez.

— NOT NBA Tonight (@NOTNBATonight) February 20, 2015

Boston Celtics: 20-31

The Celtics get point guard Isaiah Thomas in exchange for Marcus Thornton and Celts send Tayshaun Prince back to Detroit for Jonas Jerebko and Gigi Datome

Leave it to Danny Ainge to take advantage of an odd situation where the Suns decided to reboot their back court to grab the most cost effective available player at the deadline (Isaiah Thomas) who was signed at a relatively low price given his production and yet another first round draft pick (protected to 10). In Thomas, he’ll either hang onto him due to his low contract crafted to decrease each year, or he’ll turn into another amazing pay day of draft picks or talent for Boston.

Then he sent Tayshaun Price back to Detroit (which allowed him to shed two of his higher team contracts) while picking up an expiring contract of $4.5 million in Jonas Jerebko as well as a manageable Gigi Datome contract worth only 1.75 million which could be easily bought out. I mean come on GM’s haven’t you figured out that Ainge is just so much better at his job then 90% of the Association’s GM’s!

Danny Ainge says Isaiah Thomas is not a short-term rental for the #Celtics @SherrodbCSN

— (@CSNNE) February 20, 2015

Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers 12-41

Philadelphia was one of the most active teams:

  • Sixers sent Michael Carter-Williams to the Bucks and end up with a first round pick (protected via the Lakers)
  • Denver trade JaVale McGee to the sixers for Turkish professional player Cenk Akyol and a draft pick
  • Philly trades K.J. McDaniels to Houston for Isaiah Canaan and a second round pick

It'll be interesting to see how many picks Philly has in this year's draft. By my count, it could be as many as 4 firsts and 4 seconds.

— Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) February 19, 2015


— Michael Levin (@Michael_Levin) February 20, 2015

New York Knicks: 10-43

The Knicks made a minor move by sending Pablo Prigioni to Houston in exchange for Alexey Shved and two second-round picks. Given the Knicks lack of any draft picks even second round picks has to be considered a coup.

New York NBA basketball is so terrible right now that even the Knicks and Nets trade deadline deals are boring.

— Rob Clarick (@RobClarick) February 20, 2015

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