Houston Rockets Sign Bryson Jones to One Day Contract


Houston Rockets Sign Bryson Jones to one day contract:

I can’t tell you how often my emotions get affected by a game of basketball.

Watching the pure beauty of the perfect shot that players like James Harden, Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson have worked years to develop makes me smile.  I’ve been overheard giggling when Harden puts his opponent on an island following a sneaky crossover or step back jam to nail a three-pointer.

Conversely I get really annoyed and angry watching players like LeBron James straight arm players to clear space and then turn around to complain for others attempting to move his large body in the same manner. I’ve felt sick to my stomach seeing injuries like the brutal fracture Paul George suffered this past summer.

I literally get butterflies and anxious over closely contested games, especially in the playoffs.

And like all Houston fans in clutch city I know the feeling of dejection from a last second loss that eliminates your team from the post season.

I’ve yet to feel the exuberance and joy that must come with a championship win or the pride that will build undoubtedly to tears when the Larry O’Brien trophy is hoisted over head by your home team.

Yet with all those emotions in play I find the stories of franchises and super stars taking time out of their world to do something philanthropic the most touching.

Sure, it doesn’t take much time out of their day, but when there are so many stories circulating about stars who egotistically ignore fans or expect special treatment outside arenas these simple gestures stand out.

On Tuesday the Houston Rockets made one of those simple, but moving gestures when they made 16 year old Bryson Jones dream a reality.

Jones who suffers from a degenerative muscle disorder was signed to a one-day contract with the Rockets. Watching the video you hear his humble father say they thought he would just come in and watch shoot around and maybe receive a signed ball.

Bryson and his family were shocked to be given the V.I.P. tour, meet and mingle with all the players, watch shoot around and culminated the day with his one-day contract signing to a standing ovation from his teammates.

Bryson’s favorite player is James Harden so the Make a Wish Foundation teamed with the Rockets franchise to make this young high school students dream become a reality.

Watching the video and looking at the photo gallery on nba.com/rockets you see each player spending time with Jones and your heart can’t help but be touched.

Rockets sign 16-year-old Bryson Jones to 1-day deal, he battles degenerative muscle disorder. (via @HoustonRockets) pic.twitter.com/a3xZYcWWmX

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) March 18, 2015

It reminded me a day years ago when I was going through a bit of self pity over a situation I felt was unfair.

An older relative took me shopping for toys and then we visited the hospital to hand out the toys and spend time with some children who were sick and would miss the holidays.

I left feeling like my trouble paled in comparison and was touched and motivated by how open and happy these children were that had been dealt such an unkind card.

Sure I love a great step back three, but at the end of the day no basketball move can touch my heart the way this simple but graceful gesture did. Well done Houston Rockets, well done.

Full video of Bryson’s visit can be viewed here: http://www.nba.com/rockets/video/teams/rockets/2015/03/17/MAWBrysonmp4-3547576.

All photo’s are from the Houston Rocket website: www.nba.com/rockets.

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