Terrence Jones Injury Update: Rockets Forward Has Partially Collapsed Lung


Terrence Jones Injury Update: Has Partially Collapsed Lung

With Dwight Howard nearing a return to the line-up we learned today another Houston big man will join him on the sidelines. It’s a good and bad news scenario. Terrence Jones has suffered a partially collapsed lung which will likely keep him out of line-up for a week or more. I’m not implying that’s good news (especially for Terrence), however it could have been worse as we also learned he did NOT crack or fracture a rib which would have kept him out for 6 weeks.

McHale confirms Terrence Jones out with pneumothorax (partially collapsed lung). Will be reevaluated in a week.

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) March 20, 2015

The third year power forward left the game around the 4 minute mark of the first quarter after diving for a loose ball and taking an inadvertent knee to his torso. Jones remained on the floor for a period of time. When he did get to his feet it was obvious he was in pain. He tried to stretch it out on the floor but his hand kept returning to his left side by his lower ribcage where he took the hit.

When he came out of the game he was slightly slumped forward and still showing discomfort. The medical staff took him to the locker room for examination and reports were he left the facility in an ambulance.

In his post game report coach Kevin McHale said Jones would remain in the hospital overnight for further tests and observation. At the time I think many of us were concerned he may have fractured his rib. As I noted in the initial injury report, the reason this was concerning was Andrew Bogut had suffered a fractured rib last season that ended his post season due to the possibility it could puncture a lung. Following that injury we learned a fractured rib takes 6 weeks to heal.

Today coach McHale said “Guys have to step up,” “I sure wish Kostas was ready to play, but he’s not ready to play, either. We just have to deal with it and go.” Other players implied they would have to utilize more small ball line-ups in the interim while they await Howard, Jones or both to return. Obviously they’ll need Joey Dorsey and Donatas  Motiejunas to step up, however I suspect we’ll see a lot more of Josh Smith.

Guys have to step up, I sure wish Kostas was ready to play, but he’s not ready to play, either. We just have to deal with it and go. – McHale

Jones has had his fair share of bad luck this season missing 41 games due to a strange nerve problem that caused inflammation in his leg. Recently he had returned to form and was beginning to showcase his abundant talents on the court.

This set back  has to be discouraging, but once again the outcome could have been much worse.  Jones joins Dwight Howard, Kostas Papanikolaou and Jason Terry on the injured list.

We send our well wishes and prayers to Terrence Jones for a speedy recovery. Get well soon TJ. 

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