Dwight Howard and the Breathe Again Movement Plan to Clear Hate


Dwight Howard and his D12 Foundation have teamed up to create the “Breathe Again” Campaign to help people make good decisions and create a better world for everyone to live in.

The Campaign

Breathe Again is all about turning around the negatives in your life and putting everything that is positive into perspective. The movement also bridges a gap between races and people to end racism and hatred.

In a letter from Howard to the site, “My sadness has grown deeper as I watch people firmly plant themselves on one side or the other, usually based on race. We need new perspective, a new life. We need to Breathe Again. Oxygen represents life. We need to fill our bodies with new life. It is time for us to look past color, zip codes, the problems and look toward the causes and solutions.

There are 4 main goals/principles that the campaign believes are the pillars for success and those are to inspire, motivate, educate and spread love for young people, old people, every race, nationality or religion. Tearing down boundaries is the ultimate goal, in hopes that the future generations won’t have to deal with any type of persecution.

Superman To The Rescue

Dwight has been through his fair share of problems becoming a superstar so early in his career and being held to the highest standard at his position every year. This is all coming from a much matured athlete that we have seen grow from an immature stud in HS to a perennial All-Star in the NBA.

In the same letter for the WeWillBreathe.com site, “Young people must understand how to interact with those in authority. The road to prosperity is not built on defiance. It is built on achievement and the building of skills that make you a productive citizen. Those in authority need to understand how they are viewed by young people. Power is not a weapon. It is a tool needed to maintain a civil society, but like many tools, must be handled with care.”

Howard even speaks about his dad being a police officer and how he has been able to see the compassion people have for their loved ones through his father’s experiences. Clearly, Dwight’s father did an exceptional job at raising a man with values and worldly concerns.


Recently the Breathe Again campaign has hosted showings of “Selma” in many different theaters. There were showings all over Houston and Atlanta, Dwight’s hometown.

The initiative is being spread nationwide and hopefully soon internationally. Dwight has visited the Self Enhancement Inc. HQ in Portland with teammate and SEI alumni Terrence Jones to speak about the campaign and what it means for every single person.

Numerous homeless shelters have been impacted because of the program, including recently in Atlanta where a group donated “water bottles and encouragement” to a shelter in need.

WeWillBreathe.com, The Site

The site, Twitter and the Facebook pages are great places to learn more about the campaign. The site also has links where you can donate, connect with recent stories and projects, shop their clothing line or even see how you could get involved.

Get Involved Now

All pictures are via the WeBreatheAgain website.

Breathe Again has an upcoming offer for April 15th where there will be reduced ticket prices for the assigned sections, it will be against the Utah Jazz at Toyota Center.

Tickets also include a shirt, an opportunity to hear from Dwight after the game and the satisfaction of knowing that a portion from each ticket will go to the D12 Foundation and Breathe Again.

…and remember, “Let’s Talk, Let’s Walk, Let’s Breathe Again!”

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