Houston Rockets Awarded Their Own “Clutch City” Day in Houston


Yesterday Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker and the city council proclaimed June 2nd “Houston Rockets Day.” After one of the best seasons in the Rocket’s history, 65-34 including playoffs, it was only right to mark it with their own day. Parker and her officials saw the effect the team had on the city over the last few months and noted that the contributions have and will continue to go a long way.

Thank you Mayor @AnniseParker for proclaiming June 2, 2015 as “Houston Rockets Day” in honor of an amazing season! pic.twitter.com/YY6Kwt2paU

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) June 2, 2015

Dwight Howard and Donatas Motiejunas joined CEO Tad Brown at City Hall to be awarded with the monumental day. Many other City Hall members and Rocket’s fans packed into the room with “Clutch City” and Western Conference Playoffs shirts to see Mayor Parker sign the proclamation. There was nothing but smiles all day in Houston as both players took pictures, signed autographs and Howard was even photographed walking around with a tray of cupcakes.

Coach McHale was refereed to more than once on the proclamation, mentioning his winning percentage and his “tireless dedication to enriching Houston’s sports history.” He has been a positive for the Rocket’s since the first day he got here and hopefully he sticks around for a while.

Mayor @AnniseParker welcomed @DwightHoward @DonatasMot & CEO @tadbbrown at today’s Proclamation Day Ceremony #Pursuit pic.twitter.com/Ep3RsiY9q3

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) June 2, 2015

But Why?

Now they didn’t exactly win the championship, so it’s not as if they were meeting Obama at the White House like many had hoped for. Instead, the Rockets claimed their first division title in 11 years and reached the Western Conference Finals for the first time since they lost to the Utah Jazz in ’96-’97. The Rockets deserved to be recognized for such a great season, but was their own day a little too much?

Dwight Howard thanks Red Nation for their unconditional support this season. Thank you too @DwightHoward! https://t.co/Z4IgjE7g0z

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) May 29, 2015

It wasn’t the Western Conference Finals that got the Rockets their own day, it wasn’t for the comeback against the Clippers or even for James Harden‘s MVP-campaign, the Rockets were awarded a day because they brought the city closer together throughout the season. Houston is passionate about their sport’s and the Rockets were able to get the best out of their fans having home-court in 2 of the 3 playoff series and all year-long.

Even after being down in the series to Golden State, with only one win compared to their three, Dwight Howard stayed in the building as Houston flooded last week and signed autographs for trapped fans. Acts like this are why Mayor Parker named June 2nd as “Houston Rockets Day” in the Clutch City.

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