Houston Rockets Exit Interviews: Smith, Brewer, Jones, Beverley and Motiejunas


Houston Rockets Exit Interviews:

The second group of exit interviews highlights 3 players who are entering free agency and will for the most part be critical to retain if the team wishes to build upon the success of this season. Also two stars who were unable to play in the post season, but were critical to Houston’s successful regular season weigh in.

Josh Smith:

  • Spoke to how the team succeeded and feels if they had an entire season together it would have made a difference.
  • He hopes to return to Houston. He calls joining Houston a blessing. In a moment of humor he noted he’s not as bad as people think drawing laughter from the reporters.
  • He also noted he showed how much he’s willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the team.
  • Asked if Howard will need to recruit him to stay, he notes it won’t be necessary given how positive the experience was for him.
  • When asked about the freedom he was given in Houston he notes how they (Kevin McHale) does a great job of instilling confidence and what a privilege it was to play for him given the knowledge he was able to pass on.

Josh Smith: Exit Interview 5/29/2015 http://t.co/a7ccBSxevY via @houstonrockets

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Corey Brewer:

  • Reiterates the importance of having a full season together and remarks on the disappointment in Dallas when the Championship team was broken up which he and his team mates felt stopped their ability to repeat.
  • The areas Brewer felt the team needed to improve was defense and more ball handlers.
  • The reporters noted Brewer continually referred to “we” and next year’s training camp, so does that mean he’ll return, Brewer responded that he plans on being back and though he can’t control everything given he’s entering free agency and strange things can happen, his plan is to return.

Corey Brewer: Exit Interview 5/29/2015 http://t.co/F3bYadkfZd via @houstonrockets

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Terrence Jones:

  • Says he’s thankful to be a part of the team and organization.
  • He emulated the theme of his teammates in that he hopes the team will return in tact and feels they can accomplish so much more.
  • He feels he’s grown mentally specifically feeling his health issues helped him to become a better player.
  • His goal is to improve his overall game so he can be a better teammate.
  • He spoke to adding weight while he was out injured and how it helped him improve his ability to work in the post, be more physical and defending bigger guys.
  • He also spoke to how much more physical the game is as the rounds get deeper.

Terrence Jones: Exit Interview 5/29/2015 http://t.co/Z7uLsMk3jN via @houstonrockets

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Patrick Beverley:

  • Says the fire is definitely burning given he had to miss the post season and wishes he had been able to face Rondo, Paul and Curry.
  • He also spoke of his impending free agency (the first of his career) and has no idea what to expect.  He does say he kept a list and that people (i.e. opposing point guards) will feel his wrath when he returns.
  • He notes that he will watch the playoffs and as is typical of Beverley he’ll do so with an eye to catching tendencies of the players he would guard (Steph Curry/Kyrie Irving) and how he can apply them next season.
  • He notes he is a basketball player but a fan first.

Patrick Beverley: Exit Interview 5/29/2015 http://t.co/8UNFB9S66b via @houstonrockets

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Donatas Motiejunas:

  • He noted he is still in the recovery stage and is currently working on building his core strength but will take his time with conditioning and physical therapy to regain his former health.
  • He confirms he’ll be ready for training camp (actually a month prior). He says the physio takes a lot of mental toughness and is excited to reach the next plateau (in a couple weeks) when he’ll be able to return to shooting.
  • Demo noted it was hard to watch from the sides wishing he could be healthy and play and contribute.
  • Also notably, he won’t be playing as of now for his national team given his injury.


Donatas Motiejunas: Exit Interview 5/29/2015 http://t.co/UozIVWIlh0 via @houstonrockets

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