Another Try in A Houston Rockets Uniform For Jeremy Lin?


Jeremy Lin has had a few prior stints with the Rockets over the past few years, but since they are prior, shouldn’t the Rockets move on from the shooting guard from Harvard?

J-Lin has had a terrible stay in Los Angeles and although things look like they are on the way up, I’m sure he would much rather come back to Houston with James Harden, Dwight Howard and an already made team.

Lin still doesn’t have a killer instinct and he won’t drop 20 a night, but he will do exactly what you tell him to do and the Rockets players know that. He can hustle, play defense and even score the ball from time to time.

He averaged around 13 points with 2.8 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game with Houston from 2012-2014. All three stats dropped this year as he produced a 11.2/2.6/4.6 stat line with the struggling Lakers. He was leaned on to produce more than he is capable of with Kobe Bryant and a slew of other payers injured, or just irrelevant, this season.

Many teams will be fighting for his services as he is an un-restricted free agent this summer. Teams such as Phoenix and Dallas could be lobbying for Lin to join their rosters, but could the Rockets really want to give Jeremy Lin a third try?

Lin played two games in pre-season for Houston back in 2011 after he was claimed off waivers from Golden State. After “Linsanity” occurred, Lin came back to Houston and made the most of his NBA dreams, he undoubtedly has a comfort zone in the city. The media isn’t as harsh as New York or Los Angeles and technically his best years, stat-wise, were in H-Town. The Rockets may even need him if point guard Patrick Beverley decides he wants to join another team.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey may bow to the commands of Patrick Beverley, ship him off before he chooses to leave, then either get a solid player in return or save the money to spend on a player like, well Jeremy Lin. He obviously wouldn’t be the prettiest pick-up of the off-season or anything of that nature, but he could add some extra offense as well as handle the ball when Harden is gassed.

Forgetful fans don’t remember some of Jeremy’s Lin finest moments including his first triple-double, tying his career-high and saving the Rockets in Game 5 of Round 1 against Portland in 2014. Bringing back Lin wouldn’t be the worst move the Rockets could make and if he can stay healthy all season then he could be a solid pick-up for the Rockets for a third time in his career.

He didn’t exactly leave on a great note with pictures of Carmelo Anthony in Lin’s #7 jersey plastered all over the Toyota Center, which couldn’t have made him too happy. Honestly though, would he really want to stay in Los Angeles? Yes, they have the #2 pick in the upcoming draft and yes, Kobe will be back to some form, but joining a playoff team that has paid him too much money in the past doesn’t sound like a bad option for J-Lin.

Houston Rockets Put Up Image of Carmelo Anthony in Rockets Jersey Before Visit & Jeremy Lins no.7 number is used??

— Basketball Direct (@BballDirect) July 3, 2014

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