Houston Rockets: Drew League Unites Past and Present


It is no secret that Nike’s Drew League puts forth the stiffest competition of all the summer pro-am leagues. A list of notable players that have taken part in the league’s action include Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, and Baron Davis—to name a few.

The league being in his hometown of Los Angeles, Houston Rockets superstar James Harden is another Drew League regular. Harden has had several memorable games in the league, including his 44-point effort against Kobe Bryant while still a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Though Harden continues to shine in the Drew League, he is not the only Rocket gaining people’s attention. Cuttino Mobley, sidekick to former Houston Rocket Steve Francis, is turning heads with his grey hair and turn-around jumpers.

Mobley played on several NBA teams throughout his career, including the Clippers and the Magic, but his best years came with the Rockets. While he was never an All-Star caliber shooting guard, he was a solid starter who was able to shoot well from the outside. Complimenting Steve Francis, the combo made for a competitive backcourt.

Forced to retire prematurely, it seems that Mobley is trying to ring out what’s left of his game in the Drew League. Joining Harden’s LAUNFD, Mobley has surprised crowds with his vitality by knocking down jumpers, blocking shots, and hitting threes.

Though his grey goatee and grey hair make it seem as though some of the NBA’s young talent is being shown up by a grandpa, in truth, Mobley is only 39 years old, just two years older than Rockets’ free agent Jason Terry. Still, it’s fun to watch a retired Rocket make plays like these against younger guys.

The irony of Harden and Mobley uniting in the Drew league is that a younger Mobley would have made for a great backup behind James Harden. With the Rockets struggling to find offense while Harden was off the floor this season, Mobley would have been capable of alleviating some of that pressure with his ability to create his own shot.

While the materialization of a lineup that features Mobley behind Harden will always be a dream, Rockets fans can gain satisfaction knowing that the paring has proven successful so far in the Drew league. LAUNFD is one of four remaining teams in the league’s playoffs, after defeating Rockets western conference rival Klay Thompson’s C.A.B.C.

James Harden vs Klay Thompson In the Drew League Playoffs: http://t.co/hPRDjNQJQh pic.twitter.com/xwgEfCSa62

— Ballislife.com (@Ballislife) August 2, 2015

Though the Drew league will never be as rewarding to watch as the NBA, it’s still fun to see James Harden go off on pros and amateurs alike. Getting a chance to witness older players back out on the court also makes the league enjoyable. For Rockets fans, watching Harden and Mobley play together to defeat Klay Thompson makes the league even more satisfying.

Harden and Mobley’s LAUNFD will play this weekend for the Drew League Championship.

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