James Harden NBA 2K16 Teaser Video “Believe” Released


James Harden joins Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and New Orleans Pelican Anthony Davis as the cover stars for NBA 2K16. With this honor comes a special video to accompany each star’s cover. Earlier this week (on August 10th) the MVP of 2014-15 season Curry was featured in a video directed and narrated by Spike Lee.

The Teaser Title for Curry is Playing Beyond the Shadows

Curry’s teaser speaks to the trials he had to overcome early with all the major Colleges not recruiting him until he eventually goes to Davidson College. Despite his glowing College production there are comments about his 6’1″ height, frailty and one sportscaster saying he would never be a true point guard in the NBA.

This leads into the clip of him being drafted 7th by Golden State. The video ends with vignettes from this season’s MVP run leading to the Warriors becoming the Larry O’Brien Trophy winners and ends with shots of the Championship parade.

"This is a story of playing beyond the shadows" ft. @stephencurry30. Pre-order #NBA2K16 here: http://t.co/6GuddyUwL6 https://t.co/sWnr98c9ky

— NBA 2K 2K16 (@NBA2K) August 10, 2015

#BeTheStory: Introducing @NBA2K Beyond the Shadows w/ my story in #NBA2K16 https://t.co/KTBi28Snn9 Pick it up https://t.co/L7AfkQh34J

— Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30) August 11, 2015

August 14th Harden’s video teaser was released and is simply titled Believe”. It showcases his journey from his home town of Compton where he played at Artesia High School and became State Champions in 2006.

It’s amazing to see the baby faced Harden (sans beard) holding a 2005 MVP sign. And, while it shows how different he looked it also highlights the boy of then who grew into the man of now and who quite obviously always had game. The next segment covers Harden at Arizona State University.

This leads into his professional career where he was booed resounding when the Oklahoma City Thunder selected him third overall in the draft.  Spike Lee speaks to his 6th Man of the Year Award and then to his current prominence as the franchise star and leader of the Houston Rockets.

The last segment is sprinkled with plenty of the patented Harden cross overs, between the legs crossover moves, his pot stirring action and his clutch shot making.

Harden twitted out his teaser video which has a Teaser Title : Believe

Watch my come up from HS to pros in @NBA2K “Believe” Grab #NBA2K16 so you can #BeTheStory https://t.co/rmBfv0ao88 https://t.co/390nHhTfKj

— James Harden (@JHarden13) August 13, 2015

Obviously we can expect to see a third installment coming soon for Anthony Davis and it’s anyone’s guess what Anthony Davis’ theme will be. Possibly something to do with the next one, him being a point guard who grew into a power forward or potentially his paint dominance.

The umbrella theme of the series is “Be The Story“.

For more information on NBA 2K16 you can visit their Twitter page @NBA2K 16

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