Common Fuels Markieff Morris Houston Rockets Trade Rumors Via Tweet


In what has become a bizarre situation regarding Markieff Morris demand to be traded the Hip-Hop Artist and Actor Common added fuel to the fire he may end up with the Houston Rockets via a tweet Monday.

It was great being recruited by the @HoustonRockets today but I can't join the team next year.

— COMMON (@common) September 1, 2015

The picture shows from left to right: Clint Capela, Patrick Beverley, Terrence Jones (in back) Common (in front), Sam Dekker, K.J. McDaniels and what appears to be Markieff Morris. Since Common posted this on his own Twitter account one would assume it’s definitely a Morris twin, but which twin is it? Moreover, why would Marcus Morris the twin who was traded to Detroit be working out with the Rockets?

The whole situation in Phoenix is fraught with tension given Markieff’s demand for a trade. This week the Suns opened their practice facility for early optional early workouts. Needless to say Morris isn’t on site.

In the #Shootaround: Items on @MKG14, @Suns' workouts without Markieff Morris, & more. READ:

— (@NBAcom) August 30, 2015

Morris is said to be angered by how Suns’ management handled his brother’s trade and cited Houston and Toronto as locations he was interested in  due to his desire to play with James Harden and Kyle Lowry respectively as per Pro Basketball’s Dan Feldman August 14th article.

For Houston although Daryl Morey would likely be interested in the disgruntled twin given his strong analytics. But, he still has to be cognizant of the disruption a player of his ilk could create in a very close knit locker room.

Let’s not forget the twins are already in hot water over charges of felony aggravated assault from an incident occurring last January outside a Phoenix recreation facility. Dime Magazine touches on the incident in their article from August 12th, 2015.

The problem for Phoenix is with Morris blatant and very public rants regarding his feelings it literally makes trading him at the moment a lose-lose situation.

He’s already an extremely cost effective player given his $32M contract over 4 years, but when you factor in his efficiency, production and lack of back-up at his position it will be difficult for the Sun’s to get equivalent talent in return. Spencer Lund of Dime Magazine article showcases exactly how valuable Morris is the Suns and why it makes no sense for Phoenix to appease the angry power forward.

What is certain is the Suns won’t just trade the power forward just because he’s disgruntled. Nor will Morris working out with Hip Hop Artist Common and several Rockets force Phoenix GM Ryan McDonough’s hand either.

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Rockets GM Morey really needs to be careful how he proceeds as Terrence Jones at 23 has shown the potential to improve and provide a great fit with either Dwight Howard or Clint Capela up front. In addition to fitting the team roster well he’s also is firmly entrenched in the solid chemistry within the Rockets locker room.

The same cannot be said of Morris who turns 26 today as he has shown himself to initially be a very quiet entity on the squad prior to his twin joining him in Phoenix when he became much more aggressive at least outwardly. His technical foul totals last year speak to that change of behavior as he posted 15 technical fouls (and 3 flagrant fouls) second only to Russell Westbrook who had 17. Still, he’s about to come into his prime and as mentioned he’s on what many have deemed a bargain contract.

Although Common’s tweet and Instagram post does stir up the trade talk, Clutch City fans might want to focus on Morey’s need to address the rookie contract extension of Terrence Jones instead.

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