Houston Rockets: 5 Things We Learned About K.J. McDaniels


Just caught the KJ McDaniels video from the main Houston Rockets website in their Red Nation feature one on one series with Joel Blank.

Let’s look at five things we learn about KJ from the video:

McDaniels May Hold the Record for Draft Day Guests:

Joel Blank teased KJ saying he might hold the record for most guests in attendance at the NBA Draft. Apparently there was close to 40 family members and friends at his draft to witness his selection at the 32nd pick in the second round.

.@RocketsManJoel chats with @KJMcDaniels on the debut episode of One on One. Full Episode: http://t.co/pLcrGblaSE https://t.co/vDsYBEAn27

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) September 25, 2015

McDaniels Takes Chances:

KJ is from Birmingham Alabama and went to Clemson for 3 seasons. Originally he wasn’t slated to come out of Clemson after his third year, but changed his mind and came out a season early. McDaniels credits work outs in Alabama with DeMarcus Cousins, DeMarre Carroll, and Eric Bledsoe who helped him determine he was ready to come out and start his professional career.

The next chance he took was at the beginning of last season in Philadelphia he chose to only sign a one year deal and bank on his capabilities to either get a longer term contract or end up with options in free agency.

Both risks paid off as Daryl Morey traded to add him to the Houston roster and then signed him to a 3-year $10 million dollar contract this summer.

#RocketsGiveBack #NeverForget911 pic.twitter.com/ptPLu2j6mL

— K.J McDaniels (@KJMcDaniels) September 11, 2015

McDaniels Respects The Game:

This year during the season the Houston Rockets celebrated the back to back Clutch City Championships with an event at the Toyota Center. During the day of the event the former players were all congregated together in a practice gym and since it was a game day most of the  current players weren’t on site. KJ heard they were on site and ran up so he could interact with the former Rockets players while they were taking pictures. He also noted Robert Horry is also from Alabama. Sounds like KJ takes real pride in NBA players who hail from his home state.

KJ says it’s a honor to be on the Houston Rockets and be playing for a Hall of Fame Coach.  He says he learned a lot watching from the sidelines in terms of how the team works together on the floor. He also cites being close to each other as important saying the team spends a lot of off court time together.

.@KJMcDaniels visited Turner Elementary for a #BeFit school rally with @memorialhermann. #RocketsGiveBack pic.twitter.com/Oxq0RU06r3

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) September 25, 2015

His 2014-15 Expectations:

In terms of his personal expectations: his priority is to be as helpful a teammate as he can be. In terms of the team he expects the journey to be even greater this season. Of note: he also says the elbow is 100% healthy. McDaniels is a player with a motor who spent his summer trying to improve his game and looks forward to showcasing his growth this season, but more than anything you get the strong impression he is a team first guy.

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! They motivate #32Nation #ONEFOE #Parklife pic.twitter.com/dDLcWOr54w

— K.J McDaniels (@KJMcDaniels) August 3, 2015

McDaniels Loves His Dogs

The one fact I found out watching the video I wasn’t aware of is McDaniels is a true dog lover and has FIVE dogs. I couldn’t decipher if all were rescue dogs, but at least some of them are. His dogs which include 3 Pit Bulls, a Yorki and a Cane Corso. You can see his dogs at the end of the video. You can watch the full One on One video here.
The take away from the video is K.J. McDaniels is a very respectful, humble guy who is laid back off the court but committed on it.

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