Houston Rockets Day One Of Training Camp


With Media Day in the books the Houston Rockets opened their doors for the first day of training camp . Notably each of the players who spoke at the press conference yesterday (September 28th) exuded a confidence and belief this 2015-16 version of  the Rockets can win the Championship.

That confidence is understandable given the Rockets finished second in the West with a line-up who limped through the 2014-15 season. GM Daryl Morey addressed roster needs this summer at the guard position and brought back all the core players (except Josh Smith) plus he added 2 strong draft prospects who’ll conceivably see regular playing time. The squad is deeper, a year wiser, has gained valuable late round playoff experience and is more versatile than a year ago.  No wonder the players are exuding bravado.

In his Media Day press conference James Harden referred to the coaching staff prepping new offensive and defensive schemes during the summer. McHale himself kept referencing the need for the team to increase their play making specifically citing the fact they want better shots which means increased ball and player movement if you read between the lines.

No doubt McHale and company were  inspired by what Golden State achieved last season and are looking to capitalize on their players’ growth and the versatile parts they’ve added.  The other main point McHale made is the “competition” begins today (Tuesday September 29) which is meant to imply starting jobs are up for grabs as are priority minutes by players first off the bench.

Now we’ll get the opportunity to read between the lines from what the coaches and players say following each of their practices. Although we won’t be told out right there are hints to what we can learn. Pay particular attention to statements made by McHale.

As an example, if McHale says:

  • A certain player positively surprised him:  the player progressed during the summer more than anticipated
  • A specific player displayed facets of the game he wasn’t aware they had: this may mean someone like Lawson for example is much better off the ball than he knew because he’s only seen him primarily with the ball. Or perhaps one of the draft prospects (though they should have worked with Montrezl Harrell and Sam Dekker very closely over the summer)
  • Chemistry comments: if McHale indicates certain players clicked that may be an indicator of the formation of a line-up

Conversely listening to player comments will also give us hints on new schemes and line-ups.

We’ll keep you posted on these little hints as training camp continues and as always stay with Space City Scoop for all your Houston Rockets News.

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