Houston Rockets 2015 Training Camp: Day 2 Post Practice Videos


Day two of the Houston Rockets training camp is in the books. Following the practice session we got feedback from 5 players including both rookies as well as head coach Kevin McHale.

Throughout training camp we’ll bring you the players thoughts as they prepare for preseason games and work towards building chemistry while learning their new offensive and defensive schemes in “pursuit” of their 2015-16 goal of winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Kevin McHale:

Highlights from the  coach  post practice were:

  • He spoke about Clint Capela saying there was some areas he hadn’t improved as much as they were expecting and others where he was looking much improved over the end of last season. He also spoke of Capela being able to hold his man better in the post (improved strength) and overall being more comfortable within the context of the Rockets’ schemes.
  • A continuing theme through training camp is pushing pace and getting the ball up the court faster. McHale wants more players running, spreading the court and it sounds like a goal is to get the ball back up the court and into the opponents paint within 3 to 4 seconds of a defensive rebound, so they have options on what the play option will be.
  • McHale again spoke to watching Dwight Howard’s minutes and making sure to keep him rested and healthy. McHale intends to only play him sparingly in preseason and doesn’t intend push him too hard in training camp.
  • The coach also talked about the learning curve for rookies and how they’ll only improve by getting experience and joked with the media throng that the rookies will get their butt kicked until they stop getting their butt kicked.

Kevin McHale: Post Practice 9/30/15 http://t.co/rwNbRtWfTk via @houstonrockets

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Dwight Howard:

  • Says his main goal is to help his teammates improve, but he’s letting the young guys do the majority of the running.
  • Howard noted Capela is improved and knows better than to try to dunk on him now (said with a big grin)
  • When a reporter spoke to Howard being a vet his response was you are talking like I’m ready to retire, I’m still young and have a good 10 years left to play.
  • Asked about him entering free agency next summer and whether he learned anything from his last time (in Orlando), Dwight said I’m focused on the team and improving every day, not what is happening next summer and joked they could talk about it on Periscope.
  • Howard also spoke about Jeremy Tyler and liking his skill, attitude and workman like approach to the game.

Dwight Howard: Post Practice 9/30/15 http://t.co/bT4WTLfe5y via @houstonrockets

— Tamberlyn's Tip-Off (@TTOTambz) October 1, 2015

Trevor Ariza:

  • Jeremy Tyler seems to be the unsigned guy who is receiving the most praise from the vets and like Howard, Ariza spoke highly of Tyler’s approach and workman like effort.
  • Ariza joked about Sam Dekker’s confidence, but says he is willing to put the work in and learn
  • A reporter commented on how eager Ariza was to get started and asked if he was still excited now that they were competing so hard. His response was competing hard on the practice court is what makes the team better when they start playing opponents.
  • Ariza reiterated another common theme of how Ty Lawson brings a new element and versatility to the team they didn’t have last last season. Of note, many of the players are complimenting how Lawson drives the paint to create opportunities. Ariza added to that message saying Lawson improves them over last season and gives them so many more offensive options.

Trevor Ariza: Post Practice 9/30/15 http://t.co/PGI7HE0yl7 via @houstonrockets

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Clint Capela:

  • Spoke about how he was at the Rockets facility Monday to Saturday prior to Summer League and then again after to work on adding muscle which resulted in him gaining 10 plus pounds this summer.
  • Asked about his rapid growth Capela said he recognized during the playoffs how important the little details were, so he was very cognizant of listening to the coaches to absorb every minor detail and watched a ton of film to learn.
  • The reporters joked with him about trying to dunk on Howard and informed him Dwight said he should work on his hook shot to which Capela laughed and said he is working on it.

Clint Capela: Post Practice 9/30/15 http://t.co/BGQznaweNq via @houstonrockets

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Sam Dekker:

  • Felt his second day went better as he learns how to adjust to the team concepts and schemes.
  • He feels with all the extra attention on James Harden, Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza and Ty Lawson it will end up giving him great open looks which he plans on taking advantage of.
  • The reporters joked with him about how Trevor Ariza called him a really confident guy. Dekker said he loves playing basketball and is willing to work hard to gain the respect of his peers.
  • Dekker says he wasn’t surprised by the strength of Howard, but while he knew Harden and Lawson were versatile offensively he was surprised by how incredibly strong both players are.

Sam Dekker: Post Practice 9/30/15 http://t.co/ygxqedhQYG via @houstonrockets

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Montrezl Harrell:

  • Spoke about the true veterans and strong core leadership the Rockets have and how impressed he has been by all of them (Harden, Howard, Terry and Ariza)
  • Asked about the differences from the College game Harrell says speed and physicality are definitely noticeably better, but he emphasizes he is a worker and knows this is a job. He notes he is known to be someone who works which won’t change as he looks to bring effort and improve every day.
  • Harrell said McHale outlined his role and he won’t try to do more than what is asked of him, rather he’ll work to deliver his role as best he can to help the team.

Montrezl Harrell: Post Practice 9/30/15 http://t.co/8xfcVBqfRV via @houstonrockets

— Tamberlyn's Tip-Off (@TTOTambz) October 1, 2015

Day 2 of training camp definitely seemed to find the squad more focused and competition rising. It’s interesting both Howard and Ariza spoke of Jeremy Tyler, but we’ve heard very little about Joshua Smith or the other players on site competing to capture the one available roster spot.

We’ll keep you posted on these little hints as training camp continues and as always stay with Space City Scoop for all your Houston Rockets news. Watch for our Player Profile series and beginning this weekend the third installment of our SCS Round Table focusing on the regular season.

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