Houston Rockets Daily Rocket Science – The road back to .500


When the league schedule came out earlier this year, who would have thought the Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic would have the same record coming into tonight’s game?

And that record is 1-3.

Sure, maybe 1-3 seems appropriate for Orlando but definitely not Houston. Not with this roster and depth. Never in a million years. But, here we are – fighting to get back to .500 against a lottery team.

Enough of the pessimism though, because Monday’s win over the Oklahoma City Thunder gave fans a reason to hope for greener pastures. And as you’ll read further down, so will Dwight Howard’s timetable to return.

Houston Rockets News and Notes From Around the Web

Want to know exactly what was wrong with the Rockets to begin the season? Look no further for answers than the whimsical writings of Jonathan Feigan, who covers the Rockets for the Houston Chronicle. I won’t spoil anything in the article, just know you’ll come out on the other side knowing exactly what needs to be fixed and sounding a lot smarter when you talk Rockets with your buddies at the gym after work.

Houston Rockets’ crucial win over Thunder a start, but there’s a long way to go [Bleacher Report Houston Rockets – Jonathan Feigen]

"They show flashes of talent and potential, but it doesn’t last. Players sit out with injuries ( ) or to work on conditioning (Dwight Howard). The shooting is off. (Through three games, had made 22.2 percent of his shot, 9.4 percent of his 3s. had made 28.5 percent.) Terrence Jones James Harden Ty Lawson"

Here’s a nice little PR piece from our very own Trey Ousler! This Sunday the Rockets are putting on their annual “Rockets Run” to benefit the children’s hospital. Getting exercise, helping sick children and being around the Rockets? What more convincing do you need to get involved?

14th Annual Rockets Run Presented by Memorial Hermann Hospital [Space City Scoop – Trey Ousler]

"The race has been a big event for the city of Houston over the past few years where runners, walkers and joggers from all over the world come and participate. The Houston Rockets organization regularly looks forward to putting on events that can get the city involved and this may be the best."

If Feigen’s take up top made you feel a little sad, here’s a different one for what’s been going on from Sports Illustrated. It’s a little more upbeat and offers a nice solution to Houston’s overall basketball issues through the first four games. When it comes to “hot takes”, it’s best to see both sides of the coin and let the reader decide.

Rockets restore balance to claim much-needed first win of season [Sports Illustrated NBA – Rob Mahoney]

"All that went right for Houston on Monday should serve as a reminder: This high-energy, high-pressure team is not who the Rockets , inherently, but who they need to be. Reaching that level will take high effort and real commitment, sustained over the course of the regular season and more. Houston’s impressive 2014–15 campaign proved it capable of carrying that burden. Now that trial begins again. are"

Well, the title speaks for itself. Dwight’s a guy who has a LOT of miles on his NBA odometer and since back surgery just isn’t the same force he was back in Orlando. The last thing he needs is to rush back early and further injure or gas himself out. Give the big man time, he deserves it.

Dwight Howard’s return to come in measured steps [Houston Chronicle – Jonathan Feigen]

"The decision, however, was part of a big-picture plan. The Rockets have not said Howard would miss a game in all of their league-high 20 back-to-backs or even if he would miss one of the two games on their road trip Friday against the and Saturday against the . Kings Clippers"

Oh, and let’s all wish a happy belated birthday to Ty Lawson. Sorry about that Ty…

Join us in wishing @TyLawson3 a Happy Birthday! pic.twitter.com/HkqMPgu3G8

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 3, 2015

Next: Does the bobblehead really look like James Harden?

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