Take Our Poll – Who Does James Harden Bobblehead Look Like?


It’s game night with plenty on the line as the Orlando Magic arrive in town and like the Houston Rockets they sport a 1-3 record. As highlighted in our Game Day breakdown the Magic aren’t to be taken lightly having lost 3 games by a cumulative 9 points (including one that went to double overtime).

While the Rockets breathed a huge sigh of relief registering their first win in a playoff type atmosphere Monday night over the Oklahoma City Thunder the reality remains the Rockets are decimated up front. Of their 4 returning bigs only first year player Clint Capela has been available every game. Dwight Howard continues to deal with back stiffness and getting his body in condition while Terrence Jones continues to have terrible luck with odd injuries; this time suffering a cut to his eye lid that required stitches.

The man most Clutch City fans are anxious to see is Donatas Motiejunas who would certainly serve to help the Rockets depth issues, but more importantly his style is tailor made for how the Rockets want to play this season. His versatility is key since he offers a stretch 4 or 5 to the roster and he can play either in the paint or on the perimeter. Suffice to say his return will be a very welcome sight for all in H-Town.

First 3K fans tomorrow get a Harden Stir-It-Up Bobblehead courtesy of @BBVACompass Tickets: https://t.co/8dw0AKd5cy https://t.co/JWqGr9p7tK

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 3, 2015

Tonight however the player who’ll be garnering attention on and off the court is the Rockets franchise star James Harden who is being honored by the organization with his own bobblehead.  The question is does the bobblehead even look like James Harden? Sure the beard and mohawk are on the small figurine, but many on social media jumped on how much it looks like other people. Here’s a sampling of comments:

These James Harden bobblehead are getting out of hand https://t.co/aTOBlgGABA

— Frank Puddle (@francisadujr) November 3, 2015

BOSTONG HIP HOP NEWS James Harden's Bobblehead Looks Nothing Like Him https://t.co/Y1rdnt5fiz

— Boston G #NETTSQUAD (@TheOnlyBostonG) November 3, 2015

BasedGod curse got the James Harden bobblehead smh pic.twitter.com/dqnKlyNSTA

— Brian Fleurantin (@BrFleurantin) November 3, 2015

The Rockets are giving away bobblehead dolls of a person they claim to be James Harden https://t.co/K67YoVzf8H pic.twitter.com/tN9yf6RQem

— 247Sports (@247Sports) November 3, 2015

Looking at the bobblehead on the box it does look something like the bearded Harden, but the actually doll in my opinion looks more like Mr. T the actor who came to prominence during the A Team TV show.

Just add a gold chain to the bobblehead and it could be B.A. Barracus!

All the tweets got us wondering what your thoughts are regarding Harden’s bobblehead, so we decided to take a poll. Enter your vote and then let us know in the comments section below if you think it looks specifically like someone else.

Who does the James Harden bobblehead look like?

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Were excited to see who else you think the bobblehead looks like or if you believe it does bear a striking resemblance to James Harden himself.  At the very least it offers a little levity for all as the Rockets prepare for tonight’s contest versus the Magic where they hope to register their second victory.

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