Houston Rockets Daily Rocket Science: Today it’s time to Boogie (or not)


Are y’all ready to Boogie? You better ready be ready to Boogie, because all the Sacramento Kings do is Boogie!

Well, except for tonight. I’m a little obsessed with DeMarcus Cousins‘ nickname, and it makes me really sad he won’t be on the court for tonights game. Sure, it could make for a much easier game for the Houston Rockets – but he’s such a talented player and the NBA is more fun to watch when he’s healthy.

I’m a basketball fan above all else and no Boogie means a less fun game to watch – I hope y’all feel the same way.

Now to more Rocket-centric news, there’s plenty of stuff to talk about this Friday. There’s Dwight Howard news, Patrick Beverley news and even more Lil’ B news. Yes, Lil’ B still won’t go away.

Houston Rockets news and notes from around the web

First, let’s squash this Lil’B nonsense again – it’s like he doesn’t even read Space City Scoop! The rapper has finally spoken publicly on Bobblegate – yes, that’s ours ESPN – and he isn’t pleased with the Rockets front office. He sent a series of tweets last night to the TNT twitter account after they put out a picture of the infamous bobble-head.

Lil B investigating Rockets front office because of James Harden bobblehead [Sports Illustrated – Extra Mustard]

I’m going to pay close attention to the rockets organization and who was behind signing off on the cursed bobble heads @SportsCenter – Lil B


This guy. God help us all.

Now to the Dwight news, apparently this whole “Howard will be limited in back-to-backs” didn’t last long. According the the Chron, Kevin McHale said Howard will see time against Sacramento and the Los Angeles Clippers. Luckily, Howard will only see one All-NBA center this weekend instead of two – but the article goes into more detail here:

Rockets’ Dwight Howard could play both ends of back-to-back this weekend [Ultimate Rockets – Jenny Dial Creech]

"McHale has been careful about Howard’s minutes after the center missed half of the regular season last year with knee trouble. Last week, he did not play in the first night of a back-to-back against and played against the following day. Miami Oklahoma City"

Unfortunately we can’t go through this piece without mentioning an absence in tonights lineup. Patrick Beverley will be out tonight with a concussion, leaving Ty Lawson and Jason Terry to run point. This just comes in another entry in a long list of injuries for Beverly since he’s been in Houston, and his health will once again be a major concern going forward this weekend.

Patrick Beverley Injury: Updates on Rockets PG’s Concussion and Return [Bleacher Report Rockets – Matt Fitzgerald]

"The Rockets dealt with Beverley’s injury last season among multiple others and still made the conference finals in the loaded Western Conference. It stands to reason Houston can weather his absence for what should be a less extensive period of time."

Need an article to get you pumped up for tonight’s game? Look no further than our sister site for your daily dose of enthusiasm. This road trip is an excellent opportunity to help Houston build a nice winning streak and find its way back to some legitimacy in the league, but don’t take my word for it – take Brians’.

Houston Rockets: A Run To Respectability [House of Houston – Brian K. Patterson]

"A streak? Gasp?!? Things may finally start to get interesting now for this team, so stay tuned, hold on to your hats and fasten your seat belt. Go Rockets."

Finally, I dug up this gem from the excellent site UPROXX. It’s a full interview with Sam Dekker and how he’s adjusting the NBA game and lifestyle. The interview was done with DIME, UPROXX’s NBA division, and it’s worth your time if your care about a promising young talent on the Rockets,

Sam Dekker On Adjusting To The NBA Game, ‘True Pro’ Trevor Ariza And Life Out Of Wisconsin [UPROXX – Matt Rothstein]

"“It’s been a little transition. I grew up as the youngest in my family, so I was kind of more independent, kind of learning on my own, so being able to be down here, you know — I’ve transitioned well. I’m a pretty personable guy, so I meet people and enjoy doing that. But I definitely miss — being away, my family’s got to come down a few times, and those times are very fun. But I’m doing well right now, being with the team, and the people I’ve met have been awesome down here.” – Sam Dekker"

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We’re all working towards the weekend – and it’s finally here! The Rockets back-to-back, football in all forms and no work await you. So get through these next eight hours, and enjoy. Happy Friday y’all.