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The Houston Rockets stinky start has been a surprise and the Los Angeles Clippers‘ mess has been a surprise, but what about the Memphis Grizzlies‘ slow start?

Memphis has been an under-the-radar power in the West who refuses to adapt to the modern style of basketball with traditional bigs and a pass-first point guard. After a couple of years of making noise now, they’ve quieted down – just like Houston.

Their big three is still good, but outside of Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and Mike Conley the pantry is bare. Tony Allen is fun on defense but is an offensive liability, and their fourth leading scorer is… Mario Chalmers?

Granted, the Grizzlies have won four of their last five games – but that doesn’t excuse how bad they’ve looked at stretches this season. Despite those stretches, it didn’t stop them from suffocating Houston last Friday.

The point is to all of this is Memphis has been as confusing as Houston has this season. This makes for a winnable game for the Rockets and a possible chance to get back on track. Like I said Tuesday, we can only hold out hope.

Houston Rockets news and notes from around the web

Despite the reports of Patrick Beverley being healthy for tonight, Jason Terry is officially slated to start at point guard tomorrow. Terry did a pretty good job running the point during the playoffs last season, but in all truth the guy is a two-guard. He’s just the latest thing to pop out of the point guard slot-machine for Houston this year.

Rockets’ Jason Terry: Will start Wednesday [CBS NBA – Rotowire]

"Terry moved into the starting five following the firing of Kevin McHale, and he’s joined James Harden in the backcourt for the last three contests. That will continue Wednesday, as the continue to bring Ty Lawson off the bench. Their other point guard, Patrick Beverley, is considered questionable but will also come off the bench, if he’s given the green light to play. Rockets"

Sound the alarms – more Dwight Howard trade rumors are running amok! Who would be willing to take Howard and what would Houston get in return? I’m still waiting on that article, but for now we can always recklessly speculate on rumors. Take a look:

Will the Houston Rockets Trade Dwight Howard? [Houston Forward Times – Nicholas A. Norman]

"The Houston Rockets are imploding and it wouldn’t be surprising if they traded Dwight Howard. The Howard/Harden experiment hasn’t worked the minute it was formed and the Rockets should get as many pieces as they can. We all know how Howard gets when he’s in situations he doesn’t like and if the rumors are true, he may be a distraction to a team that’s already heading south."

Oh how things have changed since week one. The first time I featured this article in DRS the Rockets across the board were ranked around seven. Now? Drop the boys back about 20 notches. The media hasn’t been kind to Houston and for good reason – they stink. It’s an unfortunate reality we live in and it doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

NBA Power Ranking Lists: How Pundits Rank Houston Rockets Week 4 [Space City Scoop – Tamberlyn Richardson]

"It’s been a crazy November with plenty of surprises, but the Houston Rockets have been arguably the biggest surprise of the season, and not in a good way. This week the National pundits are sure to punish them on their NBA Power Ranking lists for their disastrous week."

Check out this girl on the stroller. She’s giving James Harden a look like, “Where the hell has your defense been this year?”

That moment you meet the Beard. #SeasonOfGivingpic.twitter.com/TGzeqM3agV

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 24, 2015

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Enjoy tonight’s game and hope for the best. Oh, and have a happy Thanksgiving y’all.