Houston Rockets Daily Rocket Science: Turning the corner?


Like a Friday in the office, let’s keep today short and sweet.

The Houston Rockets are approaching a pivotal point in their season – a stretch of games are on the horizon that could launch the Rockets comfortably over .500. The Western Conference may be “down” this year, but to hit a stretch like this is a blessing none the less.

Check out this stretch after tonight’s game against the Dallas Mavericks: Sacramento, @ Brooklyn, @Washington, Lakers, @Denver, @Sacramento, @Lakers all before a big showdown at home on the 19th against the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s not out of the picture Houston can come out of this 9-0.

9-0 is really optimistic, even 7-2 would be stretch. But this is a really easy schedule before you hit a seriously tough stretch after Christmas (Atlanta, Golden State, Utah, Indiana, etc.) and the Rockets need to take advantage.

It’s a quick slate of reading today to send you into the back-to-back this weekend. Today’s theme is all about improvement, a change of pace from my normal pessimism. Enjoy!

Houston Rockets news and notes from around the web

Want ideas on how to run the table during this easy stretch of games? Don’t bother looking for them, because Space City Scoop compiled them for y’all (you’re welcome). It’ll be interesting to see if any of these will be implemented in the next week or so, especially the K.J. McDaniels one. Although I may be biased there…

Houston Rockets: Five Realistic Options To Improve Immediately [Space City Scoop – Andre Cantalogo]

"The team has shown signs of development in the few games Bickerstaff is managing them. The problem is the Houston Rockets can’t afford to take too long to sort themselves out given the extremely competitive Western Conference where every win and loss counts."

Who better to come in and fix Houston’s defense than the one and only Tom Thibodeau? His name hasn’t been thrown around seriously since Kevin McHale got the boot, but a good case can be made for his hiring. Read in:

Tom Thibodeau could be working with two more superstars in Houston [Chicago Tribune – Kyle Thele]

"Earlier this season Kevin McHale was fired as the Rockets head coach after just 11 games. McHale had been the rockets head coach for a little over four seasons at that point. Thibodeau who took over one season before McHale, had the Bulls as one of the best defensive units in the NBA."

Finally, we end with Daryl Morey. This article is very similar to the one we posted yesterday about Morey on Bleacher Report, but it’s never a bad idea to drive home the point. Dork Elvis says he’s focused on this group, and if things stay the same deal mode could be getting closer. If there was improvement, maybe not so much.

Daryl Morey: Rockets’ priority is righting current group, not a trade [NBC Sports – Dan Feldman]

"If Morey isn’t thinking about a trade, that’s far removed from his standard operating procedure. Morey has made an in-season trade each of his eight seasons running the Rockets."

Haven’t seen James Harden’s Adidas commercial yet? Here you go, and try not to let the boss catch you:

Creators never follow. Be who you are and create your own game. https://t.co/RdyfDCt9Uu

— adidas (@adidas) December 2, 2015

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The weekend in finally here! Thank goodness our salvation comes to be at last after five grueling days of invoices and emails, because a potential season-changing stretch awaits for the Rockets. Go grab a brew, and hope Houston can pull through.