Houston Rockets Daily Rocket Science: Trust no one


If I say the Houston Rockets are up 71-56 at halftime, what would you guess the end result is?

If I had the ability to give a survey, I would just for sheer curiosity. But since I can’t, I’ll just guess the results. More of you out there would say the Rockets would somehow blow it and lose the game. That’s simply not okay.

Yes, Houston was up by that very score against the Atlanta Hawks and somehow lost by six points with a final score of 121-115. Houston’s scoring by quarter went as follows: 41-30-21-23. Is it coaching? Is it depth? Is it discipline? I have no idea anymore.

Many of you come to this blog and read these daily posts for answers – but I have a conscience. A conscience that doesn’t allow me to lie to the readers, and I would be lying if I told you I knew what was wrong with the Houston Rockets.

This goes for anyone else out on the internet. Don’t trust anyone! No one knows what’s wrong…. NOBODY. Run away… hide from your sources. Not until we see consistency can we trust the Rockets or anyone around them.

Houston Rockets news and notes from around the web

Straight from the leagues website – we have a very long opinion column on how Dwight Howard and James Harden are the main problem this season. It’s pretty scathing, as long time NBA writer Fran Blinebury crushes the intangibles of the Houston Rockets core: leadership, professionalism, all of it. While I’ll be one to disagree with some of this stuff in here, as I believe Harden’s level of play has been much better over the last 15 games – it’s still worth your time to read.

Rockets’ inconsistency falls on Harden, Howard [NBA.com – Fran Blinebury]

"It’s not a question of whether the Rockets have the raw skills and amassed enough talent to win against the best good teams in the league. Victories over OKC, the Clippers (twice), at Dallas and over the Spurs prove that. It’s an inherent lack of leadership and professionalism that fails to deliver the same work ethic each time out. See the 0-3 record against the Nuggets and 0-2 vs. the Nets."

Here’s the article I’ve been waiting for – the inconsistency angle. Houston’s loss against Atlanta plays right into the hands of the The Dream Shakes reasoning here. It’s comical to see the people who write the power rankings articles try to make heads or tails of who the Rockets are – because as I’ve said many times it’s an impossible task. It seems as if Houston just plays up or down to their opponent, but even that can’t clearly be made right now after Tuesday night.

Inexplicable Swings Leave Houston Rockets Unintimidating [The Dream Shake – Max Croes]

"There is no trend. CBS Sports used wins over the Spurs and Clippers to justify a hike of eight places and a startling 9th place ranking. NBA.com dropped the Rockets after losses to the Nuggets and Kings, then gave them some dap after beating the Clippers and Spurs."

Wait, what is this? Good news?! Why it could finally be a break for the Rockets! If these reports are true, Houston may miss a rare Steph Curry sighting. Curry was reported being a little shook up after their win against the Sacramento Kings, warranting the Golden State Warriors to rest him the next two games. Granted, the Warriors are still a good team even when Curry isn’t on the floor – but not having to face the league MVP can’t hurt Thursday night.

Stephen Curry could be rested next two Warriors games [NBC Sports – Kurt Helin]

"Officially, Curry as listed as questionable for Wednesday. The Warriors error on the side of caution with players and health, so don’t be shocked if Curry is out against the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday and the Houston Rockets Thursday. I’d be surprised if he’s not rested for at least half of the back-to-back."

Try and forget this play happened during a loss where a 15 point lead was blown at half – just look at this pass!

That pass ??. James Harden #NBAVotehttps://t.co/0pLRT9c2xD

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) December 30, 2015

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So… the Rockets have to play Golden State on Thursday. Just let that one sit in your crawl all day – I’ll just leave it at that.