Another Fourth Quarter Collapse Results in Houston Rockets 3rd Straight Loss


After the crazy comeback loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the Houston Rockets ring in the New Year with another horrendous loss to the champion Golden State Warriors.

With the league’s best player Stephen Curry out for his second straight game, fans thought this would be an easy victory for the Rockets. However, after they gave up 24 points in the paint and watched Klay Thompson torch them for 17 in the first half, it was clear the Rockets were in for a tough game.

With two of the top shooting guards on display tonight in James Harden and Thompson, fans were in for an epic duel. Overall, the Rockets should have played better and took advantage of the wounded Warriors. They played too relaxed in the first half and gave up too many backdoor layups. The Rockets are heading into 2016 on a three game losing streak.  

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Rockets Player Grades

A-. He followed up his season high 30 points versus the Hawks with another aggressive game (which for the record I loved). He made an early impact on the defensive end with two blocks, and established himself offensively with eight first half points. I felt as a team, the Rockets should have fed Howard the ball a little more. With Draymond Green in the low post, Howard had the size advantage. As well as more help on the defensive end. Overall, good performance from Howard tonight. In my eyes he was Houston’s best player. 21 points 13 rebounds, 3 blocks.. C. Houston Rockets. DWIGHT HOWARD

D. Capela had a mediocre night. Nothing very special about his performance. He made a few good plays defensively, but I felt he could have made a better contribution on defense. 5 points, 6 rebounds.. C. Houston Rockets. CLINT CAPELA

TREVOR ARIZA. D. <span style=. SF. Houston Rockets

B. In my opinion, Harden got too caught up in the one-on-one showdown with Thompson. He did not distribute the ball well and it seemed like he only cared about his shots this game. He had a good scoring night, but could have played better as a team player. Overall, good game for the bearded one. 30 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds.. SG. Houston Rockets. JAMES HARDEN

B-. Despite a few poor shooting performances the month of December has been terrific for Beverley, and it carried over to tonight’s contest vs the Warriors. He had nine first half points and an overall nice offensive game.  I do wish he played better defense against Shaun Livingston who scored 13 points, but on the whole it was a decent showing from him. 15 points, 4 assists.. PG. Houston Rockets. PATRICK BEVERLEY

Best Reserve

MARCUS THORNTON. C. On an night where the Rockets were the ones who entered the game with depth the reserves failed to capitalize on that fact and in the end that difference may be why the Rockets lost. Of the reserves Thornton produced the most solid 2-way game which he  hopefully brings to San Antonio for this Saturday’s match. 10 points. . F. Houston Rockets

Best Opponent:

Golden State Warriors. KLAY THOMPSON. A+.  With his backcourt mate Stephen Curry out, Klay Thompson backed up his statement as the best shooting guard in the league. Thompson ended the first quarter with a sizzling 17 points on 77 percent shooting. Houston were able to contain him in the second quarter, but allowed him to score 14 points in the third. Playing alongside Curry, it’s easy to forgot how great of a player Thompson is.<p>Yet tonight, he reminded fans how deadly he can be on the floor. Overall, awesome game from Thompson tonight. 38 points, 7 rebounds, 59 percent FG.</p><p>Side note: my editor felt Draymond Green should have been the best opponent and did think it was worthy to mention Thompson had ZERO assists while Green had 16 which were likely the catalyst to why the Warriors won the game!… Okay so she has a point. (Grin) </p>. SG

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