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Well, I hope you aren’t still wondering what today’s Daily Rocket Science will be about: Josh Smith made his triumphant(?) return in the Houston Rockets win over the Milwaukee Bucks. If you’re not wanting to read about the new acquisition, you’re in the wrong place.

There are mixed feelings from media and fans alike about the trade, but it can’t be denied that he made his presence felt last night. Despite a very rough shooting night (1/10 from the field), Smith finished with six assists, five rebounds, three blocks, and two steals. He brought energy and creative passing to a team that’s been sorely missing both this season.

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Most articles that I’ve seen so far concerning the Smith trade have been purely informational. At House of Houston, however, Brandon Davis wrote a piece that takes an analytical look at the acquisition and the implications it brings to the Rockets. Well worded and convincing, it has the potential to sway even the most stubborn naysayers into celebrating the trade. Rockets Acquire Josh Smith: The Canary in the Coalmine.

"Ultimately, the Rockets are heading towards the trade deadline and making their moves early. This is a good thing. Josh Smith is a signpost towards good things for the organization, both on the floor and in management. Expect to see the team stabilize and actually earn your viewership rather than take it for granted."

Okay, now that you’re happy about the trade like you should be, you may be wondering how Josh is feeling about the whole thing. Rather than read an article where someone wrote about how he feels, it would be best to hear the words from the man himself. Here is a video interview with the newest Rocket talking about his excitement being back in Houston, courtesy of ClutchFans.net:

"They [teammates] are happy, but I don’t think they’re as happy as I am…I’m happy to be back and I’m ready to get started."

In news that doesn’t concern Josh Smith, TNT Analyst Charles Barkley implied he doesn’t think James Harden should get to play in the All-Star game (by leaving him off his All-Star reserve list) and said he wouldn’t want to play with him. Space City Scoop editor Tamberlyn Richardson covered the incident in her article, Charles Barkley says he wouldn’t want to play with Rockets James Harden.

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While his Hall of Fame presence calls for his opinion to be respected, I don’t see any way it can be spun to make the Beard seem unworthy of an All-Star consideration. This season, he is in the top ten in assists per game and is second in points per game. He is the best player on the Rockets and it could be argued that he’s in the top five players in the league. Come on, Chuck.

Ernie: Second in the league in scoring, and ninth in the league in assists.

Charles:  He’s second in the league in scoring because he shoots it every time he gets it.

Ernie: (reiterates) and ninth in assists

Charles: Oh my God

Charles: Yeah he dribbles 20 damn seconds and then passes the last second, that wouldn’t be no fun to play with.

With Smith returning to Houston and Dwight Howard returning soon from injury, along with the rest of the team continuing to play well, the Houston Rockets could end up being a scary team come playoffs.

In conclusion, take a look at this heartwarming(?) picture of Harden and Smith after last night’s game:

Smoove My Man! Welcome back Brodie. #UDiiiiggggg

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