Countdown to trade deadline – Houston Rockets Trade Series (Updated)

Feb 13, 2016; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Houston Rockets guard James Harden competes in the three-point contest during the NBA All Star Saturday Night at Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 13, 2016; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Houston Rockets guard James Harden competes in the three-point contest during the NBA All Star Saturday Night at Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

SCS writers offered a daily Houston Rockets trade scenario feature in our countdown to the trade deadline.

In case you missed the daily segment here they are all in one location for your viewing pleasure:

Specifically the writing team will be looking at existing roster members, potential players to target, rumors in the main stream and finally where each of the 30 teams sit heading into Thursday’s trade deadline. To make it simple to view each of the articles I’ve highlighted and linked each of them  below by writer and title :

Existing Houston Rockets:

We’ve broken down the roster into a few critical segments including:

Youth Movement: features the rookies from this past summer Sam Dekker and Montrezl Harrell (this segment will also include upcoming draft picks in hand). Ben Casey addressed the question in his article: Should Houston Rockets move the new guys.

The Next Generation: Looks at sophomores K.J. McDaniels and Clint Capela who the Rockets have solid contracts with and should theoretically be strong choices to keep on the roster given their reasonable contracts. Andre Cantalogo provided a well thought out examination of the question of how valuable the youngsters are to Houston in his article: Could Houston Rockets waste the next generation?

The Vets: This segment will look at newly reacquired Josh Smith and the two grey hounds Jason Terry and Corey Brewer. Tackling this question Coty Davis chose to focus on Corey Brewer in his article: What would it take for Houston Rockets to trade Corey Brewer

Free Agents: The two players who’ll be highlighted most frequently in our trade scenarios are Donatas Motiejunas and Terrence Jones. Ironically they play the same position and also will enter the summer as restricted free agents. Though Houston will have the last word in their futures the problem is with the new TV contracts it makes signing them both highly unlikely since other teams will be able to offer them lucrative contracts. Andre Cantalogo gave us a compelling examination on the two free agent power forwards and which one the Rockets should target to keep and resign this summer.

The Misfits: This segment will look at new additions Ty Lawson and Marcus Thornton who have failed to find a consistent role on the team (though Thornton has filled his role more frequently). Joshua Van Horn provided a solid look at the question: What would it take for Houston Rockets to trade Ty Lawson.

The Defenders: This segment looks at the two players known as the Rockets best defenders: Patrick Beverley and Trevor Ariza. Coty Davis examined the Trevor Ariza question in his article: Should the Houston Rockets trade Trevor Ariza?

The Franchise Stars: Obviously the two leaders on the squad are Dwight Howard and James Harden. The potential for them to be traded is extremely low, but with Howard likely to opt out of his contract this summer it does leave the possibility open. Anthony Nguyen delved into this potential further in his article: Two Trades That Will Likely Never Happen

Who Houston Rockets Should Trade For:

As it denotes in the title this segment speculates on who would be the ideal trade target for the Houston Rockets. Each writer will look at a specific player from one of the other 29 teams in the Association with a view to how that player(s) could improve the existing roster. We’ll run it through the ESPN trade machine and then evaluate the odds of the trade happening.

More from Space City Scoop

Here are the writers contributions in this segment:

  • Coty Davis launched our Trade Deadline series with his article pondering if the Rockets should trade for Jeff Teague
  • Anthony Nguyen offered an extremely entertaining article requiring a full read to discover his true intent wasn’t just Pablo Prigioni

The Rumor Mill:

Obviously And during the month of course there were genuine rumors which arose in the Nation Media. After Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski leaked that GM Daryl Morey was shopping Dwight Howard obviously that became the focus in most National Media stories on the Rockets:

As mentioned the great Woj was the first to let the cat out of the bag which I highlighted in my article covering his news the Rockets were shopping Dwight Howard following another Portland loss.

Coty Davis looked at the rumors coming from New York Daily News correspondent Frank Isola in his article Talk of Dwight Howard for Hassan Whiteside heats up

And just today Joshua Van Horn added his article Houston Rockets Struggle to trade Dwight Howard

Team by Team Trade Analysis:

This final segment will look at each team int e Association entering the trade deadline. Specifically it will isolate if the team should be a buyer, seller or holder. In addition these analysis will look at who is entering free agency in the summer of 2016, what draft picks the team has and roster gaps.

So, make sure you visit Space City Scoop daily to see which of the above trade segments is featured and to have your say about the potential trades.

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