Houston Rockets Continue Coaching Search


The Houston Rockets continue their coaching search with Mike D’Antoni as the front runner.

With rumors that the Houston Rockets are likely to make Mike D’Antoni their new head coach, Rockets management continues to look for suitable assistant coaches.

D’Antoni is best known for his “seven seconds or less” offense that he implemented with Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns. D’Antoni’s fast paced offense is that standard for much of the league today, and it is without a doubt the type of offense Rockets management would like to implement.

It goes without saying that the Rockets offense should improve under D’Antoni. What most people are skeptical about is whether or not the Rockets’ defense can upgrade under D’Anotoni. Having ranked 21st in defensive efficiency this season, many believed the Rockets would hire someone who was more equipped to help them with their defensive woes.

Knowing that they must revamp their defense, it seems as though Rockets management will only finalize a deal with D’Antoni once they come to an agreement on who will be a part of D’Antoni’s assistant coaching staff.

Two names that have been mentioned are Paul Silas and Lionel Hollins.

Hearing if MDA gets the gig, Lionel Hollins might join the Rockets staff.

— Calvin Watkins (@calvinwatkins) May 19, 2016

In order to put emphasis on defense, the Rockets would look to hire either candidate as an associate head coach next to D’Antoni.

Silas is currently an assistant coach on a defensively solid Charlotte Hornets team, while Hollins most recently coached the Brooklyn Nets, though he is better known for years of success with the Memphis Grizzlies.

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While I don’t think hiring either candidate is a better idea than hiring a coach who is a defensive heavyweight– Van Gundy or Vogel– I do think it’s a good idea to hire one of those two guys if the Rockets are in fact committed to signing D’Antoni.

With whispers getting louder that the Rockets are going to sign D’Antoni, it will be interesting to see who his assistant coaching staff ends up being.

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