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While SCS and our counterparts have been analyzing the move by the Houston Rockets to hire Mike D’Antoni, the reality is that decision has yet to be formalized.

Well that changes today as the Rockets posted on their site the head coach announcement will be made today. Barring any surprises expect to see Mike D’Antoni on the stage with GM Daryl Morey.

We're introducing our coach tomorrow at 2PM! Watch the live press conference on https://t.co/VBY18eSOmU pic.twitter.com/dOMjlgkvrg

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) May 31, 2016

While many have cited the hiring as curious at best given it virtually ensures the exit of Dwight Howard and does nothing to address the clubs defensive deficiencies an interesting article in Paper City by Chris Baldwin opines this move could clear the way for Jeremy Lin to return to Houston:

". So sure, there are plenty of reasons for Lin to be hesitant about Houston. But D’Antoni trumps all those. Lin and D’Antoni kept texting each other long after both left New York, and their bond remains strong. Sports have seen much more surprising twists than Lin returning to Houston. This is the playground where the unexpected happens, one where money and opportunity routinely create the most unlikely of bedfellows"

It’s a great read and worth the visit even if just to appease your angst over the D’Antoni hiring.

Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post cuts more directly to the issue at hand, citing this as D’Antoni’s last chance after failed efforts in New York and Los Angeles. Moreover he says James Harden may need D’Antoni as much as the coach needs him to rekindle his image and return his name to the conversation of being among the league’s best.

". In many ways, Harden and D’Antoni need each other. Harden has to recover from a disastrous season with the Rockets that saw him post big numbers but saw Houston fire Kevin McHale and limp into the playoffs before being routed by the Golden State Warriors. And D’Antoni would clearly love to prove he can win without Steve Nash in his prime"

Closer to home news ran Jason Terry will join SiriusXM with his own weekly show called “The Runway with Jason ‘The Jet’ Terry.  The show will run on the NBA channel and starts today form 7PMto 8PM EST (6 – 7 CT).

It’s not the first time an NBA personality has had their own radio show as J.H. Redick launched a show this year on Yahoo’s The Vertical.

Adam Sweeney of the Dream Shake offered his take  on Terry landing the gig:

"JET landing his own radio show seems like a no-brainer. The sharpshooter knows how to make headlines, whether by getting tattoos of the Larry O’Brien Trophy before he even won a title with the 2011  , or incorrectly predicting a Game 5 victory in the first round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs against the  . Outside of Jalen Rose and Charles Barkley, it’s hard to think of a player you’d want a mic in front of weekly more. Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors"

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Though some may assume this signals the end of Terry’s career, as mentioned Redick has a show currently so it shouldn’t do anything to disrupt his career should he want to continue.

Finally, with the NBA Finals set between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors Commissioner Adam Silver has been under fire for the absolute atrocious officiating of the referee crews throughout the season. Personally, I’ve been appalled by the officiating and feel the NBA needs to adopt a coaches challenge immediately. And, not just for the final 2 minutes of the game. My opinion is the League should utilize a system similar to tennis by allowing 2 challenges per game, if the coach is correct they retain the challenge and if incorrect they lose the challenge. It’s the only way to guarantee fairness throughout the 48 minutes.

Andrew Lynch of Fox Sports addressed the issue with Silver who of course calls it conspiracy theorists working and denies any wrong doing:

"And I thought [Game 6] was an example of that.”- Silver I can only thus sort of swear to the world that we do the best we can and that we don’t prefer one market or one team over another."

This response from Silver of course is no surprise, however THIS might be:

"Of course, and posted Facebook events for a Warriors-Cavaliers Finals on the NBA’s official page on Sunday doesn’t really help Silver’s case: the fact that someone got ahead of themselves"

Again, Adam Silver needs to address this issue and make the league transparent in regards to how they punish poor performances by officials and put in the Coaches Challenge. Otherwise fans like myself will continue to wonder why it is LeBron James can draw flagrant fouls “because the League is protecting their assets” but no inquiries are made as to why he asked to pay Dahntay Jones’ fine or received ZERO flopping fines for his numerous infractions.

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