Houston Rockets Daily Social Media Buzz: features Lil B, Big Baby and the ‘Jet’

Apr 6, 2016; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki (41) reacts to a call as Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard (12) looks on during the second half at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks defeat the Rockets 88-86. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 6, 2016; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki (41) reacts to a call as Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard (12) looks on during the second half at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks defeat the Rockets 88-86. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

Houston Rockets Daily social media buzz from June 9th offered some very interesting tweets ranging from ‘The Jet’ suggesting Dwight Howard head to Dallas to win the title, Lil B cursing someone other than James Harden and the NBA Finals rivalry heating up on and off the court.

To that end the daily Houston Rockets social buzz is broken down into three sub headings today focusing on Rockets player specifics and general team tweets.

With the Cavaliers having finally won a game in the series the finals and Game 4 are still occupying the majority of the twitterverse comments, but there’s some very intriguing items included in the daily mix.

Rockets Players

First up the Rockets offer a look back at James Harden’s debut:

#TBT back to when the #Bearding started. @JHarden13's Rocket debut 37pts/12ast/6rebs/4stl

The franchise, Daryl Morey, Mike D’Antonio and Dwight Howard are all continuing to say the big man and new coach can mend their issues to work together again. Then this rather odd story broke that Jason Terry suggested if Superman headed down the highway to Dallas they could win the title.

Though this is by no means a confirmation of Howard leaving the fact the Jet would even put this out into the universe is interesting. It begs the question why he would offer that statement? There has been no indication of what Terry’s plans are either, but this does open a can a worms.

Jason Terry: Mavericks would be an instant title contender if they sign Dwight Howard. https://t.co/Jb3PFRYm10 pic.twitter.com/OH3ihZFE4w

— theScore (@theScore) June 9, 2016

In case James Harden was wondering apparently catering to Lil B’ requires full on pampering:

This is the kind of content I need in my life @LILBTHEBASEDGOD https://t.co/59oLcdXl1Q

— Orya (@yungorya) June 10, 2016

Then again, news of other NBA stars (D’Angelo Russell) now being given the evil eye by Lil B may mean Harden can worry less about being his prime target!

LilB says DAngelo Russell is cursed

In case you haven’t caught Jason Terry on his new Sirius Radio Show: the ‘Runway’, his special guest this week was Swish 41 (Dirk Nowitzki)

Live on @SiriusXMNBA 6pm central tune in to the "Runway" special guest @swish41

— Jason Terry (@jasonterry31) June 9, 2016

Though Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis didn’t mention Howard in this interview he’s been known to disparage the Rockets big man in the past. Instead this interview was full of golden moments. First he basically calls Blake Griffin weird, then he slags Chris Paul by saying he just doesn’t pass the ball and is not great in the locker room.

This comment comes on the heels of a recent article about LeBron James that said he showed up to training camp with his own trainers and worked out separately from the team. Sure seems like there is a new era in play now where ‘the stars’ are getting push back from players who are taking advantage of their media abilities to  let the stars know they won’t just hide in corners anymore.

"Dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble." – @iambigbaby11 wasn't a huge fan of playing with Chris Paul. #TheHerdhttps://t.co/sgk2j4DmsF

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) June 9, 2016

Here is the full interview. Other goodies in the interview are Davis all but coming out and saying the zebras do affect game outcomes and the players know it.

The really big news is Davis tells of injuring his ankle last season and then playing the entire Western Conference Semi Finals against the Rockets without knowing his ankle was severely injured. The Clippers medical staff shot him up with something and let him finish the season without telling him he had a torn ligament or bone chips. Davis finally discovered this was the case a month prior to training camp and it cost him the season and the ability to get a contract.

Though he doesn’t intend on suing, suffice to say he’s not holding back and who could blame him.

Rockets Related

First up in this segment the D’Antoni hiring is recapped:

.@terannhilow recaps the hiring of new head coach Mike D'Antoni & more in the offseason edition of Rockets Rewind.https://t.co/4B3GkLXs2Y

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) June 9, 2016

The Rockets announce their auditions for the Sonic Boom Drumline:

Sonic Boom Drumline auditions are Thursday, July 7th at @ToyotaCenter.

Bring The Noise » https://t.co/C3r29Lt3BKhttps://t.co/yXoAkN3QfE

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) June 9, 2016

And a bizarre moment in history David Barron points out the significance of the date as it relates to O.J. Simpson:

Today's irony: In 1994, The O.J. chase pre-empted Rockets in NBA Finals. Saturday, Ch. 13 is pre-empting ESPN's O.J. doc for HS football.

— David Barron (@dfbarron) June 9, 2016

NBA Finals

ICYMI: @AdamSchein says Showtime Lakers? If Steph Curry plays like this, they couldn't beat Dwight Howard's Lakers! https://t.co/ai8kfoGADn

— Mad Dog Sports Radio (@MadDogRadio) June 9, 2016

Ouch – Burn!

And the Sponsors won’t be happy about this:

#NBAFinals ratings drop in Game 3 after yet another blowout game. https://t.co/OKMcndJyxH pic.twitter.com/2swMUmnPAs

— theScore (@theScore) June 10, 2016

Perhaps this stat is why fans are losing interest:

Average margin of victory in #NBAFinals greater than 1-vs-16 matchups in March Madness.

The big news around Game 4 has all been focused on one of two narratives:

  1. How will Steph Curry and Klay Thompson respond
  2. Will Kevin Love be cleared to play and if he is will he start or come off the bench?

As for the first question as you can see from my tweet below in his last Game 3 versus OKC he got an identical 19 points, but shot worse from the field. He also had an identical 6 turnovers in both Game 3’s.

His follow up versus OKC was to put up 31 points, but most notably he got to the line 10 times and had 5 steals all signs of how aggressive he was. Game 5 was more of the same with an identical 31 points and came 1 assist shy of a triple-double.

If you are a betting person and take stock in analytics these stats are relevant since through 3 games Curry has had just 2 steals and been to the free throw line just 4 times. Replicating his Game 4 effort in Cleveland would be huge!

Will history repeat? G3 WCF #Curry had 19P 6-20FGs & 5-7FTs G4 response: 31P w/10FTs so much more aggressive (G5 also 31P) #NBAFinals

— Tamberlyn's Tip-Off (@TTOTambz) June 10, 2016

As for Love, the Score says he is expected to be cleared and will come off the bench. If you are Kevin Love this probably makes sense, but one wonders what message this sends the big man. Unlike Dwane Casey who stood by his All-Star backcourt through thick and thin Ty Lue didn’t give Love any – – well: love. Lue simply said he hadn’t thought about it what he would do if Love was cleared. We all know that is completely unrealistic, I mean this guy is a head coach right? More likely he needed to check in with his boss (LeBron James) to know what “the King’s” decision was.

One thing is for sure, if the Warriors win the title (scratch that WHEN the Warriors win), I would bank on Kevin Love being the first guy on the Cavaliers roster being dangled as trade bait this summer! Assuming of course LeBron doesn’t bolt again.

Kevin Love is reportedly expected to be cleared for Game 4, would come off the bench. https://t.co/OGlLEbruqm pic.twitter.com/FerLBfgEt9

— theScore (@theScore) June 9, 2016

And while the teams got pretty chippy on the court apparently the crowd was even getting in on the action with Steve Kerr’s wife tweeting about her daughter getting elbowed in the head:

An overzealous Cavaliers fan elbowed Steve Kerr's daughter in the head for a T-shirt. https://t.co/VE4uSekOyD pic.twitter.com/ej2TmYDIfL

— theScore (@theScore) June 9, 2016

Kerr’s daughter Maddy followed up with this tweet:

And for pretending it didn't happen. At Oracle we apologize for these things even if the person is on the other side https://t.co/R0t6xUxAdJ

— Maddy Kerr (@MaddyMKerr) June 9, 2016

From there things picked up with some Cavs fans lowering themselves to the basement by saying she deserved it or to sit in the box. In fairness others spoke up saying it’s not indicative of how Cavs fans act. Suffice to say there is enough bad blood between the 2 teams on and off the court now to provide some spice leading into Game 4.

And the twitterverse lit up with fans going off about Steph Curry’s Under Armor shoes looking like nursing shoes. Yikes, I guess Mom’s all over North America will be buying nurses’ shoes for their kids this year!

The Internet does not approve of Steph Curry's new @UnderArmour shoes. https://t.co/kulIAlF5Bg pic.twitter.com/GOsuFWtLZB

— theScore (@theScore) June 10, 2016

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