Houston Rockets Daily Social Buzz: Another ‘Decision’

Jun 13, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) before game five of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Jun 13, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) before game five of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

Houston Rockets Daily social media buzz from June 12th offered tons of activity on the NBA Finals given the latest “decision”.  That said there was a surprising amount of Rockets based social activity especially because the first flagrant foul collected by Draymond Green in the post season came versus Rockets very own Michael Beasley.

Rockets Players

On a day where most were occupied with the arguably surprising and lobbied for “decision” James Harden took time to focus on the tragedy in Orlando.

My thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the horrific tragedy in Orlando. #prayfororlando #prayforeveryone pic.twitter.com/frGa0Sy3XW

— James Harden (@JHarden13) June 13, 2016

While you can debate Ben DuBose’s comparison it is true (in my opinion) NEITHER of those situations should have been fouls.

Props to the NBA for consistency, at least. Would've been silly for Green to play after Harden's LeBron suspension. https://t.co/NnhJoKT5PO

— Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) June 12, 2016

Almost identical to his quote in 2015 about Harden. Same result, too. #LeBronRules https://t.co/Vx2TfWxQdM

— Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) June 12, 2016

And just in case you forgot it was the take down of Michael Beasley by Draymond Green which garnered his first flagrant foul of the post season. Ultimately this last second foul was equally responsible for him reaching the threshold that led to suspension.

Reminder: If not for this takedown in final second of #Rockets/Warriors Game 3, Green plays in tomorrow's Game 5. https://t.co/KPkOlBwR2c

— Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) June 12, 2016

Red Ninety Four served up an intriguing question:

New post: How can the Houston Rockets find playing time for K.J. McDaniels? or, a guide to getting a bad shooter on https://t.co/iqbUyWuR2V

— RedNinetyFour (@RedNinetyFour) June 12, 2016

Rockets Related

Red Ninety Four highlighted something I noticed in this podcast and actually giggled at the third time Morey said it:

Finally got around to listening to Woj interview with Morey. Morey said multiple times HOU had won 3rd most games in the league in 10 yrs.

— RedNinetyFour (@RedNinetyFour) June 12, 2016

And a daily hit from Clutch:

Where I work:) https://t.co/B7bGmN9XLe

— Clutch the Bear (@clutchthebear) June 13, 2016

NBA Finals

Obviously the over whelming activity on social media had everything to do with the NBA finals and yet another “decision” which had LeBron’s hand prints all over it! His refusal to acknowledge he knew Draymond Green’s foul situation (right buddy, in Kevin Durant’s 7th season you cited KD’s worst 2 shooting performances ever in an interview off the top of your head) or that he purposely was trying to goad Green into a flagrant foul. Worse his insistence on trying to besmirch Green while simultaneously and condescendingly saying he was taking the high road were laughable.

The entire days events and admittedly a strong bias against James actions can be found on Tamberlyn’s Tip Off podcast:

Tamberlyn & Nicole Monique of @TWSSSPORTS keep it real B_tch! #DraymondSuspended #LeBron #ALLINnetwork #NBAFinalshttps://t.co/kuFI86H0YA

— Tamberlyn's Tip-Off (@TTOTambz) June 13, 2016

For those trying to put rhyme or reason behind the officials decisions here’s a tip – either flip a coin or if #LeCommish demands for it then you can guarantee it’ll happen:

If the league has shown anything this postseason, it’s that they have decided to burn precedent to the ground. https://t.co/QnSStuBQbz

— Hardwood Paroxysm (@HPbasketball) June 12, 2016

No, actually, it doesn’t. Dwight was suspended for swingning, not making contact with an elbow before. https://t.co/Ww1D98f5yz

— Hardwood Paroxysm (@HPbasketball) June 12, 2016

Steve McPherson with perhaps the best tweet of the day and brings to mind LeBron complaining about Steph Curry winning MVP and implying he doesn’t deserve it or that Steve Kerr with 73 wins didn’t deserve COY.  Yep .. that’s the high road LeEgo

Cue LeBron mocking Dirk Nowitzki's illness https://t.co/5qJEuEFeUg

— Steve McPherson (@steventurous) June 12, 2016

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