Houston Rockets: Best of Robert Boudwn – Clutch the Bear Moments

In what might be the saddest of all departures for the Houston Rockets this summer Robert Boudwin better known as Cluth the Bear is retiring.

He’s spent the past 21 seasons with the Houston Rockets as Clutch the Bear, but is moving on. Clutch the Bear began entertaining fans some 21 seasons ago (1995) and Boudwin has  always played the role.

Clutch is often seen at games either doing skits on the court or in the stands. He’s loved by children and adults alike as his 145,000 Facebook followers attests to. He’s also received a prestigious induction in the Mascot Hall of Fame.,

Boudwin bit farewell via his Facebook page in a touching letter:


Finally, I wish to thank all the AMAZINGLY PASSIONATE Rockets Fans who have laughed and cheered with me over the last 2 decades, and have helped me achieve my claim to fame… which is I’ve hugged more Houstonians than anyone on the planet! I will continue to cheer with you for our favorite team just not from inside the costume.

You can read his full farewell letter via this link.

Watch the Rockets website for information on auditions to find a new steward to find a new Clutch the Bear steward.

For those looking to walk down memory lane there are a myriad of YouTube video’s on his greatest hits. Here’s just a few:

Clutch the Bear Trick Shots:

Clutch Scares Rockets Players (this is pretty funny as certain players natural instinct was to punch him or kick at him)

Robin Lopez Beats up Clutch: In what has become a natural for Lopez it would almost be an insult if you were a mascot who didn’t draw his pre game ire:

Clutch vs Opposing Fans:

Clutch with mini Batman and Superman (this is pretty funny):

Clutch wins first ever Mascot of the Year:

Like many fans Space City Scoop wishes Robert Boudwin well with his future endeavors. Here’s to hoping the next person who takes over as the next person to done Clutch the Bear’s costume can bring as much enthusiasm and genuine joy to the role.

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