2017 NBA Draft: Some Draft-Day Trades the Houston Rockets Should Consider

There are some moves that might be wise for the Rockets on the day of the draft.

The 2017 NBA Draft is here, and will definitely be some moves made from teams around the league. It is likely that the Rockets are one of the teams making a move. There are three main types of trades the Rockets should consider, so let’s explore the options.

Trade into the First Round

Unfortunately, the Rockets do not own their first round pick this year. Even if they did, it would be a late pick as Houston had the third-best record last season. However, it may be wise of the Rockets to trade into the first round of this year’s deep, talented draft. Even if it is a mid-first round pick, it may be worth it in the long run.

With this pick, the Rockets could do a few things. One, they can straight up draft somebody with it. They can build upon the future with a talented young player. Or, they can use it to package in a bigger trade for a star. We’ll talk more about trades for a star in a little bit.

Trade Away Role Players for Cap Space

The Rockets are going for it all this offseason, so they need some salary cap with which they can work. That involves trading some beloved role players. Patrick Beverley is one that probably should be traded, and he already looks upset by his tweets. He could possibly get Houston a mid-first round pick. Lou Williams is another player that is on the trade block who could get some value. Lastly, Ryan Anderson is the last player mentioned yesterday to be on the trading block. It is unknown what the Rockets could get in return for him, but it would not be much because of his large contract.

Trade Idea: Patrick Beverley and one (or both) of our second round picks for Chicago’s #16 pick.

This trade might need to be buffed up a bit to accommodate the salary cap. It would give both sides something they need. The Rockets need a first round pick to use to trade for or draft a player. The Bulls need a point guard better than Michael Carter-Williams and Patrick Beverley fits the bill. He is even from Chicago so maybe that would make Pat happy.

Trade for Paul George

This trade opportunity is probably the most exciting of the three. The Rockets can trade some of their assets for a first round pick or two and go for it all by attempting to trade for Paul George. PG is a perfect fit next to James Harden and his acquisition could possibly lure other free agents here. If this trade went down with Indiana, then the Rockets would be in a very good position to compete next season.

So what trade would you like to see happen today? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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