The Houston Rockets are Going Bargain Hunting

MEMPHIS, TN - APRIL 27: Vince Carter
MEMPHIS, TN - APRIL 27: Vince Carter /

The next move by the Rockets might be to bolster their roster with veterans.

The Houston Rockets have gotten another star this season in Chris Paul. While it would be nice to get another, it is now time to go bargain hunting. Carmelo Anthony will likely be available for the foreseeable future, so the team will look to add veteran talent that will sign for the minimum or just above.

Rockets next step? Bargain hunting. GM Daryl Morey said today he'll likely hang on to NG contracts, exception. Could add 1 minimum contract.

— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) July 3, 2017

Who Could the Rockets Look to Sign?

There are quite a few veterans on the market this offseason. There are solid defenders, good shooters, and a few all around players. Let’s look at three veterans that can improve the roster that the Rockets have set in place.

Tony Allen

Tony Allen is a player that is horrendous at scoring the basketball. However, he is a fantastic defender that can be a nice weapon off the bench, especially in a playoff series. Going into his 14th year in the league, the Grindfather might be looking to ring-chase. Maybe, the Rockets can convince him to join and sign for the veteran’s minimum. He could help defend some of the better benches in the league and assist a league average defense in Houston.

C.J. Miles

This one is a stretch for the Rockets. C.J. Miles is still a very productive player that may not want to take the veteran’s minimum, so Morey might have to pay the man. The 12-year vet is a great 3-point shooter who can also defend pretty well. Last year from deep, he shot 41.3% and helped the Pacers off the bench. He would fit the scheme of the Rockets perfectly, so be on the lookout for C.J. Miles in Houston.

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Vince Carter

The great Vince Carter is a free agent once again and shows no signs of retiring. Vinsanity keeps on rolling and could help the Rockets going into his 20th year in the league. He brings above-average 3-point shooting and random bursts of athleticism year after year. Would Carter be willing to take the veteran’s minimum to play with the exciting and young Rockets?

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*All stats via Basketball-Reference*