Houston Rockets: Carmelo Anthony Talks Resume With Knicks

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 27: (EDITORS NOTE: Multiple exposures were combined in camera to produce this image.) Carmelo Anthony
NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 27: (EDITORS NOTE: Multiple exposures were combined in camera to produce this image.) Carmelo Anthony /

The Rockets are back in communication with the Knicks about a certain superstar who has made headlines this summer.

For the millionth time (okay, not a million, but it feels that way), the Rockets are talking to the Knicks about Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks seem to be willing to listen to offers from the Rockets so that the deal can happen before training camp.

As you probably know, the drama of the summer for the Rockets is how frustrating this whole Melo situation has been. The offseason has seen Melo nearly traded here, a change in management for the Knicks, the deal going back to the drawing board and more. For a detailed look at the situation, check out my article from a few weeks ago here.

Adrian Wojnarowski first broke the news about Melo talks resuming today. He said that “hurdles” are still preventing the deal from happening.

Here’s his tweet about it:

Sources on ESPN: Knicks, Rockets re-engage on Carmelo Anthony trade talks, but hurdles remain to a deal. https://t.co/ZjVxzoYyyc

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) August 10, 2017

What is Next?

The problems that have prevented this trade from happening early are still there. Ryan Anderson is someone that the Knicks do not want on their team, especially for Carmelo. There will need to be a third team involved because the Rockets will not give up assets like Trevor Ariza or Eric Gordon. They just won’t.

Here is something you don’t really want to hear if you are a Rockets fan. Woj said in the article, “a real scenario exists in which the Rockets and Anthony remain patient that a deal could have to wait until the regular season is underway, league sources said.”

It will be tough for the Rockets to find a third team willing to take the ginormous contract of Ryan Anderson. It would be super awkward to have Ryno start the season with Houston after all these talks. Here’s an encouraging quote from Woj in the same article, though:

"The Knicks have become willing again to make an Anthony deal before the start of training camp in September, especially after Anthony made it clear that the franchise’s hopes of getting him to embrace a return to the team — after months of Jackson’s pushing for Anthony to waive his no-trade — are fruitless."

Carmelo wants to be in Houston, and he should get that wish. Eventually.

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