Houston Rockets: Eric Gordon Rated the Same as Lonzo Ball in NBA 2K18

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More 2K18 ratings for players are coming out daily, including the Sixth Man of the Year from last season, Eric Gordon.

Eric Gordon had an incredible season last year. After signing with the Rockets in the offseason and being a question mark on how he would fit, he proved everyone wrong and had a great and fairly healthy season. EG was able to humble himself and come off the bench for the team.

In reward for his year, he took home the Sixth Man of the Year award at the TNT Show in June. He beat out competitors Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams. Eric Gordon was dynamic in the Mike D’Antoni offense and shot the 3-pointer well all season, especially in the first half.

Before the season, NBA 2K17 rated Gordon a cautious 77. His injury-prone nature and lack of consistency were the main factors in that average rating. For 2K18, he was bumped up to an 80 overall after his stellar season.

Let’s take a look at the screenshot:

Who's ready for the new #NBA2k18 @Ronnie2k @NBA2k #NBA2k18 #2kFirstLook pic.twitter.com/lmaupyiBYJ

— Eric Gordon (@TheofficialEG10) August 25, 2017

Is This Rating Fair?

The 80 rating itself is not too unfair of a number for Eric Gordon. He is a fantastic shooter and underrated defender, but he still is a bench player for the Rockets. In comparison, after Jamal Crawford won the Sixth Man award in 2016, his rating actually went down from a 79 to a 77. In 2015 after winning the award, Lou Williams went from a 77 to an 80, just like Gordon, so the rating itself is not unfair for EG.

What is a little odd is that Eric Gordon is rated the same as a couple of rookies, including Lonzo Ball! The other rookie with an 80 rating is Markelle Fultz.

Eric Gordon is a proven elite shooter and can help run a bench unit. He has been in the NBA awhile and truly earns his rating. Ball and Fultz, on the other hand, have never played a single NBA minute. Who knows how they will play once the NBA-level defense gets to guard them?

Introducing your 1st look at @Lakers@ZO2_ in #NBA2K18! The future is bright with this year’s draft class. #2KFirstLook pic.twitter.com/gegyiqIHJG

— NBA 2K 2K18 (@NBA2K) August 2, 2017

They are rated an 80 solely on potential. Ball, in fact, has a jump shot that looked bad visually and statistically in the Summer League. He shot a low percentage from 3 but did still take home the MVP of the Las Vegas League due to his great passing and other ways of scoring.

The rookies certainly have a great chance to be fantastic players in the league someday. Do they deserve to be rated as high as proven players like Eric Gordon? We will have to see this upcoming season. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!

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