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Clint Capela has been a big help to the victims of Hurricane Harvey

Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Clint Capela has been a big help for a few of the victims that were stranded in Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey has become one of the most destructive, record-breaking storms in U.S. History.

The storm made its second landfall on Wednesday morning, as hundreds of thousands of people are now under evacuation orders.

A reading of 51.88 inches of rainfall was measured by a weather station in the Houston area, a continental United States record. Over a trillion gallons of rain has fallen in Harris County over the last several days, enough to fill the Houston Astrodome 3,200 times. According to meteorologist Jeffrey Lindner, over a quarter of Harris County is flooded.

Such devastation has led to over 3,500 rescues from the Houston Police Department, not including rescues from the fire departments and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Unfortunately, at least 30 people have suffered flood-related deaths, according to The New York Times.

Of the many athletes that have contributed to the rescue efforts, Clint Capela has used his platform to raise awareness for Houston residents that are in distress.

Tweet me and I'll share as many emergency situations as I can. Stay safe Houston.

— Clint Capela (@CapelaClint) August 27, 2017

Capela has tweeted the addresses of victims that need to be rescued. He has also tweeted the contact information for the Coast Guard and other local shelters.

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Clint Capela, who was born in Geneva Switzerland, said that he has never seen a storm to this magnitude, via Michael C. Wright of ESPN.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m from Switzerland, and I’ve never seen this before. So I was just trying to help the people, and I saw that it was working pretty good; my help was really effective. So this is why I started doing this. I’m just showing some love for the city by doing this, by trying to spread the word out and doing whatever I can to help.”

Clint Capela spreads the word.

The starting center has sent the contact information of victims to more than 30 boats that are looking for folks in need. He has already helped several citizens find rescuers, including a pet sitter with four dogs and two cats.

Capela hasn’t been able to physically help victims in Houston, as he too is stranded in a high-rise apartment building. But the big man is doing his fair share, and it speaks volumes about the kind of person he is, via ESPN’s Michael C. Wright.

“I was definitely not prepared for this. I’ve never seen this before. I didn’t know that it would be this bad, I was just not prepared for it. I don’t have the ideal tools to go help these people that far [away], I wish I did. But I did as much as I could do, and I’ll keep doing it. As long as I can do something for this city and help a couple people out, I’ll do it.”

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It’s great to see professional athletes and the whole state of Texas come together in this great time of need. Clint Capela, Chris Paul, J.J. Watt and other professional athletes have given back to the community that supports them.