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Carmelo Anthony joins Harden and Paul in pickup games

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 11: Chris Paul
LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 11: Chris Paul

Quite a few NBA players met up in New York to play some pickup basketball. Among them, the two stars of the Rockets and Carmelo Anthony.

The basketball world got a little bit of a taste of a potential All-Star team-up today when James Harden and Chris Paul of the Rockets played a pickup game with other players, including Carmelo Anthony.

The three possible teammates played with and against a star-studded group including Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. Thankfully, Harden, Paul and Melo were all on the same team.

Twitter user @CountOnVic had some great tweets about the games, including some pictures and videos. Be sure to go follow her there! The videos from this post, however, come from the owner of the gym, Chris Brickley. Check him out on Instagram @CBrickley603.

Let’s check out some of the tweets and Instagram posts:

Melo just drained three triples in a row. All assists from CP3.

— Victoria (@CountOnVic) September 11, 2017

This post was one of the first that got people really talking. I feel bad for Daryl Morey’s mentions (only a little bit). Melo deserves a point guard like CP3 to feed him the ball on the 3-point line every game.

Recap of the Game

Here is a nice recap of some of the game. Check out the ball movement in the middle of the video! CP3 to Melo to Harden for 3. Then Harden hits Melo for a 3 of his own.

If Carmelo comes to Houston next season, can we petition for his jersey to be a hoodie?

Even though James Harden had a fantastic season last year, his 3-point shot was not fantastic. Maybe next season he can get that percentage up from around 35%, and it looks like he’s off to a great start. He’s been draining shots from deep all offseason.

Finally, take a look at this picture they took after the game:

Solid runs today in NYC…. #LockedIn?

— James Harden (@JHarden13) September 11, 2017

Harden, CP3 and Melo are all by each other in the picture. Take that however you may want.

It has been a pretty good day for the Melo rumors to resurface. Seeing the 3 All-Stars play together (and play well) certainly bodes well for a potential future team-up. Will a deal ever happen?

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